What is the best multi-vendor WooCommerce plugin

10 important Woocommerce plugins for your online shop


If you operate an online shop based on WooCommerce, you can create a shop with the WooCommerce shop plugin, but you need additional plugins for a user-friendly, legally secure online shop.

In this article I will introduce you to 10 important plugins that will enhance your shop, simplify administration and make it legally secure for the German market.

Plugin No. 1: WooCommerce German Market

Without this plugin, I wouldn't start an online shop with WooCommerce. Because WooCommerce itself is not legally secure for the German area.

German Market has numerous functions:


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Button solution: The buy button is also labeled “Buy” and not “Submit order”.

Legal texts such as terms and conditions, cancellation policy, data protection, imprint, which only need to be adapted to the respective shop. A lawyer should finally clarify whether these are really legally secure.

More info pages such as shipping and delivery as well as payment methods are also created by this plugin.

Small business regulation: Small business owners can adjust their VAT and bills accordingly.

A new page "Confirm and send order" is inserted before the final purchase, on which all essential data such as order and customer data (name, address and contact details) are clearly listed again.

In the newer German Market version you can also PDF invoices create, the supplied functions are very extensive and go from General settings, invoice content, cancellation PDF, header and footer, images up to My account page (Provide customers with the invoice as a download in the customer area) and Email invoice PDF.

Another new feature is WooCommerce with lexofficeto combine a well-known accounting and accounting program.

Various Add-ons like i.a. Cancellations, EU VAT ID no. Check or EU VAT provide useful additional functions for WooCommerce.

The plugin is chargeable and can be purchased from Marketpress.

Plugin # 2: WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

If you want it to be a little easier with automatic invoicing, you can use another plug-in instead of the German Market function, such as B. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. With this plugin you can use the Automatically generate and individualize invoices. WooCommerce does not have such a function.

You can upload your own logo, insert the shop address and other information into the template, continuously include an invoice number and also create a delivery note.

In the settings it is possible to decide which automatic mail the PDF invoice should be attached to, it makes sense here either Order in progress and / or Order completed.

The functions mentioned are available in the free version. There are other premium features in the paid version that you can buy at WP Overnight.

Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips (Free Version)

Plugin # 3: Flexible Shipping

WooCommerce comes with some shipping settings such as shipping zones, shipping methods and shipping classes, but not all shipping options can be mapped with them.

If you want to create complex shipping rules, such as insured and uninsured shipping as a selection, calculating shipping costs based on weight or shopping cart or adding insurance costs from a certain order value, you have to use an additional plugin.

Flexible shipping allows many scenarios, even in the free version. The paid version with additional features is available from WP DESK.

Download Flexible Shipping (free version)

Plugin # 4: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

WooCommerce includes a classic product search as standard, but it is much more practical for shop visitors if, after entering a few letters, the corresponding search results are displayed in RealTime.

In this way, the visitor finds the desired product much faster, which probably leads to a longer time in the shop and possibly a better conversion rate.

The plugin can also be purchased in a premium version, which includes offers the following features:

  • Photos thumbnail of the products in the search results
  • Display of product prices in the search results
  • Advanced search in the product keywords, categories and texts
  • Filter display for the search field

You can purchase the paid version from YITHEMES.

Download YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search (free version)

Plugin # 5: Advanced Reporting For Woocommerce

In order to be able to record the monthly turnover, the sales figures and the number of products sold at a glance, you should integrate a reporting plugin into your shop.

The plugin Advanced Reporting for WooCommerce provides the most important figures, a current order overview and other interesting evaluations, such as B. Which product category brings the most sales, which payment method is most used in the shop or which product sells best.

The plugin is also available in a paid version from Phoeniixx with even more evaluation options.

Download Advanced Reporting for WooCommerce (Free Version)

Plugin # 6: Woocommerce CSV Importer

You can upload a large number of products to your shop using a CSV file (CSV = comma separated value).

So that everything works correctly during the upload, you should find out exactly which fields the CSV file needs, how you create the header, etc. You can create a CSV file with Excel and Libre Office Calc.

The required column labels that you can find in the plugin management area under Docs do not have to be identical in your original document, but should be assigned to the correct content.

I. E. in the column post_ status should either be the value publish,pending, draft, private or trash It does not matter how the column is named, because when you upload the CSV file, you can assign the fields in the headers area.

With the (chargeable) add-ons, variable products, external, grouped and digital products can also be imported. The two add-ons are also useful Custom Fields and Attributes. All add-ons can be purchased in a bundle for 40 euros.

Download Woocommerce CSV Importer (without add-ons)

Plugin # 7: Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro

With the Woo Checkout Field Editor Plugin you can adapt the checkout or checkout page, on which the customer enters his address and other data, and change the order of the fields.

It can be used as field types text and Select create, with and without validation. If the new fields should also be displayed in e-mails and on order detail pages, you can tick the appropriate box.

As an example I have a select field labeled "I am of legal age" inserted into the checkout page (see pictures below).

In the paid version of ThemeHigh, you have even more field types (12 in total) available.

Download Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro (Free Version)

Plugin # 8: WooCommerce Menu Cart

If you use a premium theme for your WooCommerce shop, this function is already included: The shopping cart icon in the navigation.

This function is not supplied with older or simple themes, so you can integrate a cart or shopping basket symbol with this plugin.

It has the following functions:

  • Shopping cart display with price or number of products
  • Shopping cart display with price and number of products
  • Permanent display or only when goods are in the shopping cart
  • Left or Right Aligned / Custom Settings

In the paid version of WP Overnight, additional functions are available, such as more than 10 different shopping cart icons.

Download WooCommerce Menu Cart (Free Version)

Plugin No. 9: Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce

With this plugin you can define price discounts for product categories, order quantities, weight and order total.

In the settings, you can show the price reduction applied under the respective products as a table so that the customer can see which price reductions can be expected under which conditions (e.g. certain purchase quantities).

I have defined a rule as an example (see picture below):

Two espresso machines are offered 25 percent cheaper if a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 devices are purchased. The rule applies to the period from October 27th to October 29th, 2017.

This is just one option of many possible inheritance rules, which can also be very complex.

Unfortunately, the price tables on the product detail pages are labeled in English. That would have to be translated into German using a translation plug-in.

The Pro version of the ELEXtensions plugin allows further settings and rules.

Download Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce (Free Version)

Plugin # 10: Product Watermark for WooCommerce

If you want to protect your products from image theft, you can use this plugin to insert a watermark into the images.

You can design the watermark image yourself, upload it and position it accordingly on the photo using the gray square (see image below).

During my test, I had to upload the product images again for the watermark to appear.

In addition, the watermark image should be quite large so as not to pixelate on large-format photos. Depending on the format of the product photo, the watermark is proportionally distorted.

A few tests are probably necessary to find out an optimal display.

In the paid plug-in version of BeRocket you can set the size of the watermark graphic yourself, upload several watermarks and define different watermarks for different types of images.

Download Product Watermark for WooCommerce (Free Version)


WooCommerce comes with numerous essential shop functions, but further plugins are required to improve the visitor experience, legal security and shop management.

In addition to the ones presented here, there are many, many others, of which I will regularly present a selection.

Do you want to learn more about WooCommerce?