What's so special about being fifteen?

Idiom: zero eight fifteen

We explain what the phrase 0815, or "zero eight fifteen", means and what the First World War has to do with it

Something is "zero eight fifteen"

Jennifer runs excitedly through the hallway to the front door and calls into the kitchen: "Mom, Grandma and Grandpa are finally here! I'm opening up" The 10 year old moved with her parents only a few weeks ago and now the grandparents are of course curious about the new apartment.

After a big "Hello!" and "Oh, have you grown up again!" Jennifer's mother leads the grandparents into the living room so that the couple can rest after the long journey. "Ui, these are nice new curtains, Irene! Not as zero-eight fifteen as with the neighbors ..." says Grandma in amazement and admires the curtains.

Jennifer frowns and also takes a closer look at the curtains across from the neighbors. She can't see a pattern of numbers anywhere on the fabric. How does your grandma get "0-8-15" ..?

What the phrase 0815 means and how it came about

"Zero eight fifteen" is something that is quite ordinary and unimportant and therefore does not require any special attention.

"0-8-15" is also the type designation of a machine gun that was used in World War I and was still used from time to time in World War II. The soldiers always had to do the same exercises on the "MG 08/15", which quickly became boring and therefore seemed meaningless.

Another explanation is that soldiers in World War I allegedly said the saying "The weapon is 08/15", with which they expressed themselves disparagingly about the quality of the weapon, which deteriorated in the course of the war.