How can we learn Photoshop at home

Adobe Photoshop® was created by the famous Software house Adobe Systems develops and manufactures one of the most important tools for photographers, web designers and advertising agencies when it comes to image editing. Most of the image editing functions most used today were first introduced in early versions of Photoshop, and so Photoshop has become the industry standard to this day. Photoshop first appeared on the market in 1990. To date, more than 25 versions of the popular photo editing tool have been released.

Photoshop is particularly well suited for pixel-based image manipulation. Exposure and coloring can be corrected, colors adjusted and unwanted objects removed. Several images can also be seamlessly merged into one. Photoshop is therefore ideally suited for the design of flyers, posters, web and app designs as well as for animations and even for editing 3D content.

Why does an Adobe Photoshop® further education make sense?

photoshop-weiterbildung / why-photoshop-weiterbildung-sensible_112802198.jpg "width =" 190 "/> The functions available in today's versions of Photoshop are numerous and inexperienced users are quickly faced with the problem that they do not know how to best implement creative ideas Further education in Photoshop provides an overview as well as in-depth specialist knowledge. In a short time you will learn step by step Features of the program and the user interface know and apply the imparted knowledge directly for the design and image processing.

Further education Adobe® Photoshop®, basics
Further education Adobe® Photoshop® Compact
Further education Adobe® Photoshop® - all-round knowledge for practice
Further training in Adobe® Photoshop® for web graphic artists

Further education Adobe® Photoshop®, advanced course
Further education Adobe® Photoshop®, creation of image looks
Further training in Adobe® Photoshop®, face and body styling
Further training in Adobe® Photoshop®, 3D visualization and video editing

Further training in media design

Continuing education web designer - web designer
Continuing education digital media operator - digital media operator
Further education cover and magazine design
Further training in cover design, from raw material to the finished front page
Further training in graphics and design in the print sector, basic course
Further education print specialist - print specialist
Further education online application with practical training for packaging design
Further education screen designer - screen designer
Further training in 2D and 3D modeling

photoshop-weiterbildung_21862217.jpg "width =" 190 "/> The content you learn depends to a large extent on your level of knowledge.

In Photoshop courses for advanced users, our lecturers teach you the latest software innovations, more efficient layer and assembly techniques, advanced methods for cropping images, image retouching and image correction.

The exact content of the training can be found in the respective course descriptions.

Target group - who is Photoshop training suitable for?

Our training courses are aimed at everyone who Interest in image editing to have. Thanks to our many years of experience in advanced training courses on the subject of image processing and Photoshop, we are not only able to provide beginners with countless tips, tricks and techniques. We also provide experienced Media designers and graphic designers Detailed knowledge or support you or your team with the first steps.

Professional perspective after further training in Adobe Photoshop®

Photoshop experts are sought-after employees in Agencies and publishers. Those who process photos digitally, cleverly cut out photos of products or high quality picture compositions or create mockups (compilations), there are many possibilities in the professional world. Even if you are in the field of Doing media design independently want or as Marketing manager create graphics himself would like, a sound specialist knowledge in image processing is the optimal addition for you.

Funding opportunities for our Photoshop training courses


If you are at one of our Adobe Photoshop® training courses you can, under certain conditions, receive a grant from one of the Federal and state funding programs receive. A course can, for example, be financed by the employment agency or the job center with the help of an education voucher.

We have also put together an overview of all other funding programs for you. Here you will find further information on the topic and your funding opportunities for a Photoshop further education.

You can find more information on our pages on the subject of funding programs.
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