Do you like the crazy people in life

Translation of "You like" in Italian

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ti piace vuoi ti piaccia non ti piacciono ti piacesse te piace ti piacciano ami


You like not being a lawyer anyway.
In ogni caso non ti piace eat un avvocato.
You like So, Mr. Hickson, you edited it.
Ti piace il signor Hickson, quindi l'hai elaborato al computer.
You like So, Mr. Hickson, you edited it.
Vuoi bene al signor Hickson, perciò lo hai truccato con Photoshop.
You like Guys who cry.
You like the guy and you drive him crazy.
Source'uomo ti piace, e lo fai diventare matto.
You like not being a lawyer anyway.
You like you more than me.
You like him and he keeps calling.
Sai bene che ti piace, e ti chiama di continuo.
You like a quiet, steady life without hurry.
Ti piace vivere piano, senza avere fretta.
You like Not even the guy, Rachel.
You like the fire, john.
You like not even the guy.
You like it here because it represents your mother's womb.
Questo posto ti piace perché rappresenta il grembo di tua madre.
You like Darryl only because he's rich.
You like someone that's great.
You like it when girls scream.
You like it because it looks like a photo.
You like but Brussels sprouts and cheddar.
You like big men and fat animals.
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