What is soul and spirituality

Presented Spiritual places: where the soul expands

In Wilsdruff it is Martin Reinhuber who works with others to preserve the Romanesque Jakobikirche. The former burial church has become a motorway church. A place to slow down, not just for bus travelers and truck drivers. Reinhuber estimates that two to three thousand travelers stop here every year.

I think there are many who feel like me who say: This is a place that is good for me. The gears of everyday life are so overwhelming that you often forget to ask yourself: Where do I come from? Where do I actually want to go?

Martin Reinhuber

Realize what really matters

What is the quality of spiritual places? The castle church in Seusslitz gives her the feeling of space, of boundlessness, says Irene Zeidler. Others speak of places that create space and space - also to reflect on what really counts in life.

This place is much more public than a church. Not only for Christians, but also for many other people, it has a meaning and charisma that inspires pause. Because that's what we humans need sometimes: a moment to relax.

Pastor Markus Wendland

Breathe deeply in peace

Albrecht Schödl, the evangelical pastor of Volkenroda, also believes that the spirituality of a place can be discovered directly, it is not necessarily linked to a religion. The local monastery community invites people to be guests at the farmers' market, meditative hikes or in the "temporary monastery". Schödl points out that the term spirituality is closely related to the Latin word 'inspirare', which means something like 'to breathe in'.

People who come to us are simply looking for that: to be able to breathe deeply again in peace. One can fill this term with Christianity, as we do in our monastery. This includes certain things like praying, coming into contact with the Bible, receiving pastoral care. But you don't necessarily have to separate the two.

Pastor Albrecht Schödl

Save from oblivion

So you notice that sometimes with churches, these prayed-through rooms have a new quality. A spiritual quality. Something opens up that changes the room. This is exactly how it is here in Reinhardsbrunn, it is a deeply spiritual place.

Pastor retired Christfried Boelter

Volkenroda has since been revitalized, modern architecture today complements the structural remains of the Cistercian monastery. The Christ Pavilion was built for EXPO 2000 in Hanover and was then moved to Volkenroda. Reinhardsbrunn Castle, which has been decaying for years, is still waiting to be saved. But spiritual places also carry this promise: that wounds can heal and life goes on.