Why is Iowa the Hawkeye State

Iowa - The typical American lifestyle

As a tourist you can fly across the pond to immerse yourself in the stream of the typical American lifestyle and swim in it for a while. If you want that, Iowa is the right destination for you.

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One can travel to the USA for its spectacular natural beauties. Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park - the names are well known. You can travel to the USA for its interesting cities - New York, for example, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

But you can also fly across the pond to simply immerse yourself in the stream of the typical American lifestyle and swim in it for a while. If you want that, Iowa is the right destination for you. In this state in the Midwest, life has a different - quieter - pace: Here people still understand something about sowing, planting and harvesting, but here they are also proud of their free civil rights and the history of the country. Iowa doesn't like five-star attractions; but it is definitely a worthwhile travel destination.

Location and landscapes

Iowa is one of the US Midwest states. Minnesota is the neighbor in the north, in the south the country borders on Missouri. In the east the border is shared with Wisconsin and in the west there are two neighbors: Nebraska and South Dakota. You won't find any mountains in Iowa. The country is flat, the highest point ("Hawkeye Point") brings it to 509 meters above sea level. The state can score points for this with its rivers. The southwest border is defined by the famous Missouri River, the border in the east by the no less legendary Mississippi. The Big Sioux River, which flows in the north of the country, may not be as well known in Europe, but it is still worth a detour. Almost 90 percent of the area of ​​Iowa is used for agriculture. No wonder then that the country belongs to the “Corn Belt” of the USA, that is to say to the grain or pantry of the United States. Iowa is a major contributor to the diet of Americans.

Pork and beef come from here, there are plenty of dairies and corn, potatoes and soybeans are grown here. Accordingly, the fields through which the traveler drives can be endless. It is significant that the invention of the tractor is attributed to a tinkerer in Iowa. He is said to have built the first tractor in the small town of Froehlich in the north of the country. Incidentally, the German-sounding name of the place is no coincidence. Americans of German descent make up by far the largest population group in Iowa.


Natural beauties not to be missed

Although Iowa does not have a national park, it does have a very special archaeological area that is protected by the state. The "Effigy Mounds National Monument" is located in the northeast of the country in the Mississippi Valley. Around 2500 years ago, the indigenous people created mound sculptures there, which have been preserved to this day. 190 of these natural works of art have been preserved over an area of ​​seven square kilometers. Particularly popular with all visitors is the group of sculptures of the “Marching Bears”. There are about 30 hills that were shaped like animals about 500 years before the birth of Christ. In addition to the bears, other species "march" there, for example wolves. In the northwest, nature lovers should definitely visit the "Barringer Slough Wetland", a swamp area of ​​almost seven square kilometers. It's not just the vegetation that is extremely interesting there. From rented canoes, travelers can also observe bog animals such as pelicans, otters and herons. There are a number of lakes, both large and small, in Iowa. The largest is the "Spirit Lake", which is extremely popular not only with vacationers but also with anglers. It is home to around 40 different types of fish.

Historic sites and urban life

The capital and at the same time the largest city of the country with a good 200,000 inhabitants is Des Moines. A visit is worthwhile, especially if you are traveling with children. Not far from the city is a huge amusement park, which is guaranteed to put you in a good mood with its rides and play facilities. In Des Moines itself there is a very interesting historical museum, good art collections and a botanical garden - to name just a few examples. You can also shop here with great care.

Fort Atkinson in the northeast of the country, which was once built by the Sioux Indians after they were expelled from Wisconsin, commemorates the indigenous peoples and their struggle. Also definitely worth a visit: The "Amana Colonies" in the villages around Iowa City. This denomination comes from Germany, but has been based in Iowa since the mid-19th century. German is spoken there to this day.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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