What is the scope of your app

Upload your app to Microsoft Teams

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You can sideload Microsoft Teams apps without having to publish to your organization or the Teams store. This makes sense in the following scenarios: following scenarios:

  • You want to test and debug an app locally yourself or with other developers.
  • For example, to automate a workflow.
  • You have an app for a small group of users, e.g. You built an app for a small set of users, such as, your work group.


Upload your app

You can sideload your app to a team, chat, meeting, or for personal use depending on how you configured your app's scope.

  1. Log in to the Teams client with your Microsoft 365 development account.
  2. Choose You apps and upload a custom app.Select Apps and choose Upload a custom app.
  3. Select your app package .zip file. An install dialog displays.
  4. Add your app to Teams.

Troubleshoot upload issues

If your app fails to sideload, do the following until the issue resolves:

  1. Go back through the instructions for creating your app package.
  2. Validate your app package again.
  3. Make sure your app manifest matches the latest schema.

Access your AppAccess your app

Teams provides several ways to open apps. For more information, see access your apps in Teams.

Update your app

You don't have to sideload your app again if you make code changes (these are reflected in Teams in real-time) However, you must reinstall if you change any app configurations.

Remove your AppRemove your app

To remove your app, right-click the team and select Uninstall.To remove your app, right click the app icon in Teams and select Uninstall.


You can't remove personal bot activity entirely. If you remove the app and add it again, the new communication with the bot is appended to the previous conversation. If you remove the app and add it again, new communication with the bot appends to the previous conversation with it.

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