What causes an image to flicker

Windows Windows 10: screen flickers - what to do?


If the screen flickers, it often indicates that there is a software problem. In Windows 10, problems with outdated programs or drivers often lead to display problems. You can use the Task Manager to find out exactly what the problem is. Follow our instructions.

Software problems

If your screen is flickering or flickering, in most cases there are two possible solutions: An app is incompatible or are drivers outdated. Which of the two problems is involved can easily be found out using the Task Manager. Open the Task Manager, for example by clicking [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] press and then "Task manager"click.

Incompatible app

In most cases, an app is no longer compatible with Windows if it outdated is. As a rule, the problem can be solved by a Update this app remedy. There is often an update function within the program for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also use the Manufacturer website visit and download the latest version there. According to Microsoft, the three apps Norton Antivirus, iCloud and IDT Audio in particular lead to compatibility problems.

If a program is too old to be compatible with Windows 10, you can try this app in Compatibility mode to start. To do this, right-click on the program and select "Troubleshoot compatibility issuesWindows will now carry out possible problem diagnoses with you piece by piece. If this does not help, you should consider uninstalling the relevant program.

Outdated driver

Also outdated drivers, graphics drivers in particular can cause the screen to flicker. Check and update your drivers, to solve the problem. Here we will show you how you can update your drivers under Windows 10.

Hardware problem

If the above approaches don't work, consider your Check hardware: Plug the plug in the computer all right? Is the graphic card properly connected to the motherboard?

Check the cables Your screen and replace it if necessary. A defective HDMI or VGA cable can no longer transfer all data correctly. A defective power cable can no longer permanently supply the screen with power. The flickering could also be caused by the fact that the screen switches itself on and off again permanently.

You should also use the Screen on another computer connect or one another screen on your PC try out. Does your screen flicker on another computer? Doesn't another screen flicker on your computer under the same conditions? Then it might be you Screen damaged.

If none of these steps lead to an improvement, your monitor is probably defective.