NHL players play at the Olympics

Quote from Gretzky
The ice hockey tournament is kindergarten after all. Without the 920 NHL stars, that's a laughing stock. None of the 420 best Canadians are there, and the 240 best US boys, 90 Swedes, 35 Czechs, Russians and Finns each are missing. From Germany only a maximum of 7 players are missing. No offense. But it's like a soccer World Cup without the players from the 32 Champions League participants.

is not so wrong now, and I also think it's a shame that the nhl boys are not there. on the other hand, we don't have to make this tournament smaller than it is.

example canada: the squad doesn't read super sexy right now. nevertheless there are still 12 players in the team who are in the khl, so after the nhl, the highest quality league in the world. our team also won against these guys today.

Of course, these winter games are not comparable to 2010 and 2014, but honestly, fuck it. but these games were balanced like seldom and in most of the games it was not just about the amount of the result. I'm so happy for our boys. they got one on the lid for years, on and next to the ice. seldom have there been positive things to write about german ice hockey. this one time it's different and that's so good.

in spite of the low pace at the beginning, so as always, the boys knelt in tune and always believed in it. example norway: that was maddening. normally it should never be extended because the boys are working hard and have enough chances to play the game early. but did not work, as so often in the past. the classic would have been that we lose that after the penalties, but this one time it was different. and that was the beginning of an unbelievable chain of unbelievable games; 2-1 gg switzerland to ot, 4-3 gg sweden to ot and then now also 4-3 gg canada. and all within 4 days. physically, the troupe is pushing its limits, that was also evident in the final third of the game in sweden and canada, where they simply couldn't hold back as they did in the 40 minutes before. and don't forget, the players are in the middle of the season and after the olympics they also have their butts. all the more remarkable what they are getting out of themselves.

so, regardless of whether the a, b or c team started for Canada, no one will be interested in a few days. Germany does a great job here.

and at the end give this to you here: https://twitter.com/jtbourne/status/967093793496317952

the young are living their dream right now.