Can comic heroes make a comeback?

8 superheroes who deserved a video game comeback

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Legendary superheroes like Batman or Spider-Man have made strong gaming appearances in recent years. Other comic heroes, on the other hand, have not yet made the leap into the video game industry. We show you eight superheroes who urgently need a gaming comeback.

8 superheroes who need a gaming comeback

Comic book superheroes have always been popular protagonists in video games. But even if some excellent superhero games have appeared in recent years, there have unfortunately also been numerous soulless adaptations that wasted the potential of their characters to have. That's why many great heroes are currently waiting for a new opportunity in the video game industry.

Here we show you eight comic superheroes who deserve another chance at a solo video game.

The occult detective John Constantine already had a television series and his own film in which he was embodied, contrary to the original, by Keanu Reeves. On the film that meanwhile cult status in certain circles is also based on his only gaming adventure so far - but the PS2, Xbox and PC game has rightly been completely forgotten. It really is time to let John Constantine investigate heaven and hell in a video game.

Mutant Mystique offers fascinating gameplay possibilities with her shapeshifting talents. Unfortunately, these have not yet been nearly exhausted. Mystique had a few appearances in "X-Men" games, but mostly she was only a guest there as an NPC. A game of their own could not only their complex character, but also to demonstrate their extraordinary skills.

Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze had two of those movies like this with the "Nicolas Cage" adaptations catastrophic screen appearancesthat hopefully nobody will think of a film comeback anytime soon. In keeping with the first film, a "Ghost Rider" video game was released for the PS2 that nobody remembers today. As a video game character, Johnny would be quite interesting: His chains could be used in a similar way to the Chaos Blades in God of War and who would not like to use his in the truest sense of the word fierySuzuki Hayabusa through a dark open world race?

While Superman has fought across the screen with other DC heroes in the Injustice games in recent years, many traumatized gamers still primarily remember his completely screwed up appearance in Superman 64. With a new successful solo adventure, Kal-El could at least make these painful memories fade a little. Before that happens, Krypton's son is expected to appear as an antagonist in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in 2022.

With the exception of possibly Ms. Marvel alias Kamala Khan, no character has really been able to benefit from its inclusion in the 2020 action game Marvel's Avengers - not even Black Widow. The figure certainly has potential, for example in a game of its own with a focus on stealth and espionage. Maybe Hitman developer IO Interactive could take on this topic after the upcoming "James Bond" game ...

When Aquaman was blonde, he had his in 2003 great appearance on the Xbox and the Gamecube. However, the video game was primarily noticed by catastrophic reviews and Aquaman's grip on gaming relevance - sorry - into the water. An “underwater superhero” game would be quite appealing and could stand out from other comic games just because of the setting.

In the dark "Dark Horse" comic template, the mask essentially transforms all people with whom it comes into contact into unpredictable and supernaturally powerful psychopaths. In the somewhat more family-friendly film version, on the other hand she turns Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) into a bizarre superhero. After the success of the film, a game was released for the Super Nintendo, but that was over 25 years ago. Time for the mask to celebrate its comeback in video game form - perhaps with an over-the-top cartoon graphic to match.

The Fantastic Four have had some problems so far transferring their comic book success to other media. In addition to three extremely weak films (not counting the unpublished attempt from 1994) occurred Mr. Fantastic, the invisible one, the human torch and that thing already featured in a number of video games. In the first place, however, these were video games for the respective cinema adventures, which, like the films, could not even convince hardcore fans. However, the potential for interesting gameplay is there without question. If Gotham Knights, slated for 2022, were to be a co-op success, the next Fantastic Four game could perhaps follow suit Multiplayer concept orientate.

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