What happened to the TV show Wipeout

Wipeout - get wet!

April 2019

Hold on tight - we'll be back to normal soon!

Not available 4.8 173 x
It is well known that disputes occur in the best families. With "WipeOut" the families should rather work together, because only those who work as a real team have a chance of 50,000 dollars.

If you come with a swimming cap, you have to go swimming!

Not available 2.5 67 x
Costumes are allowed at "WipeOut". However, if you are dressed like Superman, you should at least come to the wipe-out zone so as not to embarrass yourself! However, not all candidates understood that ... It's about $ 50,000!
March 2019

The direction is always right - always straight ahead

Not available 3.0 13 x
There are a few new obstacles in "WipeOut"! In addition to the Aua wall, the organ pipes and the driving test are also waiting for the candidates. Whoever masters all obstacles fastest, can look forward to - as always - about 50.00 dollars.

Looks easy, doesn't it ?!

Not available 3.0 27 x
Who is really cleared and who is really clearing up? Again, 24 candidates dare to take the "WipeOut" parkour and only one is rewarded for the hardships at the end and is $ 50,000 richer.

If you keep tacting for too long, you lose

Not available 4.0 22 x
"Two are better" - that is the motto of today's edition of "WipeOut - get wet!" 12 couples dare to take part in parkour, and only those who go through thick and thin to the end are allowed to top up their joint account by 50,000 dollars.

The rotary worm is going around

Not available 4.0 18 x
As if the "WipeOut" parkour weren't already difficult enough, two new obstacles are added: demolition and pear. But if you want the $ 50,000 prize money, you just have to suffer!

The WipeOut-Land needs new heroes!

Not available 4.0 22 x
It's heroic today at "WipeOut - get wet!" to. Police officers, nurses or firefighters start and fight for fame and honor, of course, for $ 50,000.

Will it work out in the end?

Not available 3.0 22 x
"WipeOut - get wet!" is a simple arithmetic game: 25 candidates fight their way through an obstacle course, and whoever adds the most hits to the 12 comes up with 50,000 dollars.

All the monkeys fly high

Not available 3.5 14 x
"WipeOut - get wet!" asked! Because only those who can pocket a lot can end up bagging 50,000 dollars.

The king of the skies

Not available 4.0 19 x
With "WipeOut - get wet!" the motto today is: have a good flight! But who makes the take-off and who flies to $ 50,000 in the end? Because as always: everyone comes down, but only one can get to the top!