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in the Winter semester 2021 During the semester there will again be a writing workshop in the form of a seminar with two-week appointments of four hours each. The writing workshop is designed for writing a term paper of no more than 10-15 pages.

When: more information from September 2021

Where: more information from September 2021

In the appointments, all five stages of the writing process are climbed, because at the end there should be a homework ready to be submitted. Methods are presented, tried out and discussed, and work goals for individual further work are defined. In order to document the work progress and also to promote the exchange within the group or between feedback partners beyond the meetings, we work with them Campus.UP.


The following requests and instructions must be observed:

  • Please bring a term paper with you to the second session at the latest that your supervisor has already confirmed.
  • In addition to the attendance time, plan enough individual working time!
  • Please familiarize yourself with Zoom and Campus.UP in advance.
  • Please make sure here whether you can also meet all requirements.

Everything fits?! Then you can register as soon as PULS is activated.


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