How can I edit photos in Flickr



You can only open a Flickr account if you have a Yahoo account
because Flickr belongs to Yahoo. To do this, you need to provide your name, date of birth, gender and telephone number to Yahoo! Flicker itself only saves your Yahoo! ID, i.e. yours
Username and password.

Yours Username you set it once when you register, but you can change it as often as you want afterwards. It is also your profile name, which you can use to be found on Flickr. It is advisable to choose a nickname here so that only your friends can find you and strangers do not know who is behind your account. To your Username to to change, click on your picture in the upper right corner and then on "Settings". You will get to your account overview, where you can make all possible settings. In the "Personal Information" section, you can click "Edit" next to "Your user name" to change your user name. This can also be done directly on your profile page on the right under “Manage profile”> “Edit your user name”.

You can find information about you in your profile publish. You call up your profile by clicking on "You" in the menu bar and then on the right on the three points, where you select "Profile" from the drop-down menu. When you have opened your profile, you can click on the button "Edit your profile details".

Think carefully about what information you put in here - does everyone really have to find out where you live, what your relationship status or your job is? Your profile is public and can be seen by any internet user.That's why Flickr is completely up to you whether you want to indicate something or not. You can also leave all fields blank.

You can view and edit further data under "Settings"> "Personal information". Here you can also get yours delete account.

There are quite a few on Flickr Privacy settingswhich you can find under "Settings"> "Privacy and Permissions".

Here you can specify who can see your email address, Yahoo IM name, real name, and city. To do this, click on "edit" behind the corresponding heading. By default, the options are set to “People You Follow” or “Everyone”. The best thing to do is to set “Friends and Family” or “None” because Strangers should not have access to this private information.

In addition, you can "Allow others to share your content". Here you have to weigh up whether you want your photos to spread faster but strangers to see them more easily or not.

Besides, you can Images and "hide your profile from public searches". To do this, click on "edit" behind this heading and tick the appropriate box to remain "secret".

Flickr is all about photos. It is clear that you only upload pictures here that you want to show others. Before you click on “publish”, think again for a moment: Do I really want everyone to see this picture? Because all the photos you post on Flickr are public by defaultwhich means that she visible to every internet userare. Also can Others usually comment on your photos. Of course you can Change settings.

Either for each picture individually(Click on the picture, scroll down, change the settings at the bottom right under "Additional information") or for all photosthat you will upload in the future. To do this, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select "Settings"> "Privacy and permissions" and scroll down to "Standard settings for new uploads". This is useful because it saves you time and ensures that you don't forget to change the settings when you take new photos.

Particularly importantis it that you at "Who can view the content on a map? ”“ Just you ”or“ Friends and family ”. Because photos that you take with your smartphone or certain cameras have a so-called geotag that shows exactly where you were when you took it. Strangers should do this Location information are not allowed to see, otherwise they can draw conclusions about your whereabouts. You should also take a closer look at the first point “Who can see your content and add comments, notes or people” and weigh up whether you really want to allow this to “everyone”.

Would you like one of yours remove your own photos, select it, click on the pencil symbol on the right below the image and click on "Delete" in the drop-down list.

At first, you cannot determine yourself which photos others will upload of you. As long as they don't link you in the picture, you probably won't even notice that pictures of you are online.
Do you want delete the links on an image, scroll down the photo until you see the heading "People in the photo" on the right. Next to your profile name, click on the X. After that, nobody can link you to this picture again, except yourself. Under “Settings”> “Data protection and permissions”> "Who can mark you on a photo"(4th option from above) you can choose who is allowed to link you. Here you should change the default setting so that not every complete stranger Flickr user can tag you without asking.

Even if you deleted a link or did not allow it in the first place, your photo will still remain online. If you want that it is no longer online, you can contact the person who put it online and ask to delete it, or that Report photo(Scroll down and click on "Report abuse" in the lower menu bar).

You can Third party applicationsfrom the App Garden on your smartphone, tablet or laptop use together with Flickr. You can see which apps you use in the menu at the top under "Discover"> "App Garden"> "Applications you use". Before you download an app or log in to your Flickr account, Always make sure that the provider is reputable and check which rights the app has- i.e. which of your data it can access. Some Apps ask you for your password or cost money.

You have the option of using your Flickr account to connect with other social networks. So you can post your photos there or find friends faster. But be aware that your user data from the different communities can be linked with one another and that you can learn a lot more about you.

Connect accountsworks like this: click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then on "Settings" and select the "Share and expand" section. Now you will all possible options (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) displayed. If you have already connected your Flickr account to another account, you can also disconnect here.

Via the option "find friends", Which you can access via" Profile "at the top of the menu bar, you can import contacts from other services. To do this, Flickr accesses your contacts or your friends list. If you have contacts or Facebook friends who also use Flickr, you can “follow” them to see their latest photos and videos.

You can report content and photos from other users that you find unsightly or even illegal: either via this link or directly on the page with the content you want to report. All you have to do is scroll down on the relevant user profile or photo and click on "Report abuse" in the menu. Then the page will automatically be entered in the form.

The help area for technical or content-related problems that Privacy Policyand the Conditions can be found at the end of each page (scroll down).