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Late 1980s - unrest in South Africa.

In South Africa she rules National party.

The whites own the best land

and have the best jobs.

Nine out of ten people in South Africa are black.

But they only own a small part of the land.

The blacks were chased out of their homes by the whites.

You have no rights.

They need a permit to work.

You are not allowed to go anywhere and not vote.

This unjust system is called apartheid.

The blacks are angry.

They take to the streets and protest.

One face is on many flags: Nelson Mandela's.

He has been in prison for over 25 years.

For many it is a symbol of hope

and a role model: He fights for the freedom of blacks.


The National Party has set apartheid in law:

Blacks have fewer rights than whites.

"Apartheid" means "separation" in Afrikaans.

It is one of the languages ​​in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was born in the village of Mvezo in 1918.

He belongs to the Xhosa people

and to the tribe of Thembu.

His family has three straw huts.

They cook in one.

The second is there to sleep.

And in the third they keep their things.

Everyone sleeps on mats.

They cook on a fire pit.

Nelson's playground is nature.

He rages on green meadows and hills.

He swims in the river, fishes and hunts birds.

He learns from his friends

how to fight with sticks.

Life is simple.

But Nelson Mandela later says:

“I have the happiest years in this village

spent my childhood. "

Nelson's father argues with important people in the village.

That is why the family moves to Qunu.

When Nelson was nine years old, his father died.

The chief of the tribe takes Nelson

into his family.

Nelson misses his mother.

But he feels comfortable in his new home.

He befriends the chief's son: Justice.

Nelson goes to school and learns a lot.

The members of the tribe meet at the chief's.

Everyone can express their opinion.

The chief listens.

At the end of the day, he sums it all up.

Then he tries to reach

that everyone will agree.

His own opinion is not important to him.

Will people not agree?

Then the chief plans a new meeting.

This chief was always a role model for Nelson Mandela.

Nelson always tried

good to listen.


"Nelson" is Mandela's English name.

Its African name is Rolihlahla.

That means "trouble maker".

In 1941 the chief said

that Nelson and Justice are old enough to get married.

But the two young men don't want that.

That's why they flee to Johannesburg.

Nelson has to make money in the big city.

He works as an employee of a lawyer.

Later he starts to study law.

He is the only black student in the university.

Friends invite Nelson to the party meeting

African National Congress"(ANC) a.

Nelson realizes that he's not just a member of his tribe.

He's also one of the many black Africans!

Nelson starts working for the ANC.

He helps found the youth department.

In Johannesburg, Mandela meets Evelyn Mase.

They married in 1944 and had a family.

There are elections in South Africa in 1948.

Only white people can vote.

The National Party wins.

Your motto:

The white man must always remain the leader.


The African National Congress (ANC) party

is founded in 1912.

Blacks get together

to fight for their rights and their freedom.

1950. Nelson's life consists of

Family, work and politics.

On June 26, 1950, he organized a protest day with the ANC.

Lots of people take part.

In 1952 Nelson and his friend Oliver founded Tambo

a law firm: "Mandela and Tambo".

Tambo is also a member of the ANC.

You help many blacks who fight for justice.

But the National Party fights more and more against blacks

who want to abolish apartheid.

Nelson and the ANC continue to fight back

against the unjust laws.

Blacks are not allowed to just go anywhere.

And not at any time of the day either.

You need one Passport book,

if they want to work in white areas.

In 1952 the ANC calls on all blacks to

not to obey these laws.

Many participate.

Thousands of them are arrested.

Nelson is also in prison for a short time.

The ANC is getting more and more members.

But the laws don't change for the time being.

Charter of Freedom

1955 the ANC meets with other groups,

who are against apartheid.

Together they wrote down their goals.

In this "Charter of Freedom" stands:

South Africa belongs to everyone who lives there.

Blacks and whites ...

Our country will never be free and happy

if we don't live together like brothers ...

Nelson is a troublemaker for the government.

Because he tells people:

Do not tolerate apartheid!

Fight for freedom!

1956 is due to Nelson Treason arrested.

He's going to jail for a couple of weeks.

Just like other important people at the ANC.

The ANC protests are peaceful.

But the National Party answers with a lot of violence.

In 1960, thousands of black people meet

in front of the police station in Sharpeville.

They did not take their passport books with them.

They want to show:

We are against apartheid.

Even if we have to go to jail for it.

Your protest is peaceful.

But the National Party

shoots 69 people.

This event is called

"The massacre from Sharpeville ”.

After that day, the ANC also started fighting with weapons.

Nelson says the government gives them no choice:

When she uses force

then the ANC does that too.

Family problems

Nelson and Evelyn have three children.

Nelson loves his family.

But he hardly has time for her.

In 1958 Nelson and Evelyn get divorced.

Shortly thereafter, he married Winnie Madikizela.

National party

From 1948 to 1994 the ruling party of South Africa.

She introduced apartheid.


The word comes from Afrikaans, one of the languages ​​of South Africa.

It means “separation”: blacks have fewer rights than whites.

Apartheid was in effect in South Africa from 1948 to 1994.


Study of law.

You learn everything about laws.

African National Congress (ANC)

The African National Congress (ANC) party was founded in 1912.

She fights for the rights and freedom of blacks.

Passport book

Blacks always had to have a passport book with them.

It was a work permit.

Did blacks want to be in white areas?

Then a white employer first had to sign the passport book.

Charter of Freedom

“Charter” means “document” or “declaration”.

With the Freedom Charter, blacks declared

that they want to live without apartheid.


If you want to harm your own country.

For example, by destroying important buildings

or murdered politicians.


Many people are brutally murdered at the same time.


Frances Ridley: Nelson Mandela. Enjoy reading publishing. Münster 2014.

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