What poisonous insects do you hate

How does the poison dart frog kill people?

The poison is in the skin. If danger threatens and the frog is touched, the poison escapes as a secretion and poisons the attacker. The poison paralyzes his muscles and breathing.

The poison arrows of the Chocó natives

The Chocó natives in Colombia, who use the poison of the terrible poison dart frog for their hunting arrows, of course know this and avoid any contact. With the particularly poisonous frog species, it is enough to touch the animal with the arrowhead and lightly stroke its back. So they have enough poison to hunt birds or small mammals. But if you want to catch the frogs to get the poison, you take leaves and wrap the animals with them.

The terrible poison dart frog is considered to be the most poisonous frog on earth. It is up to five centimeters long and is one of the largest in the tree dart frog family, as the poison dart frogs are also called. This poison yellow fellow only lives in a small area on the Pacific coast of Colombia and is severely threatened because of this very limited habitat.

They are non-toxic in captivity

The animals lose their poison in captivity, and their offspring are also non-toxic. Why? Because the frogs usually eat poisonous tropical insects and excrete this poison through their skin. Such insects do not exist in terrariums or wherever they are trapped.


Last updated: May 9, 2021