How can computer science students learn business

Learn and perfect German

Good grades in your studies, a technical discussion with customers or the interview for your dream job at a German company? You can do this in a relaxed manner and at eye level with your best German!
Tailor-made courses for computer science students, intensive programs for beginners, language tandems, or learning German without a language course - all of these will take you further and are fun!
If you take part in one or more courses, you can bring in up to 6 ECTS for your bachelor's and master's degree.

Summer semester 2021: German course for studying computer science, business informatics, games engineering

The specialist German course for students is intended to help students understand, write, discuss and present specialist texts (including exams) better. International students from all Bachelor's and Master's programs in the faculty can take part in the course.

Summer semester 2021 - the course will take place ONLINE:
German during studies - computer science:
Writing, presenting and discussing in the subject (SZ0328)

Level: C1 (from DSH 2 or TestDaF 4)
Head: Ms. Bauer-Hutz
SoSe 2021: Wednesdays, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm; first date: April 14, 2021
ECTS: 3 in the field of general principles
Registration: Via TUMonline

3 ECTS as an interdisciplinary basis can only be included if you are not German and are foreign students (no qualification from a German school or a German-language course). Only one of the two courses can be introduced. Otherwise, a confirmation of participation can be issued with or without a grade.

German from the start: language courses from A1 and the "German Matters" program

The TUM language center offers German courses for all levels. The courses are free during the semester and are therefore very popular. Sign up quickly!

Particularly motivated international master’s students can take part in the intensive program "German Matters". The pilot project was designed and implemented on the initiative of the faculties of computer science and physicsStudents without knowledge of German in three semesters to complete level B1.
The program leaves time for the master’s degree, as well as specialist internships and student jobs in the IT industry. The courses take place in the evening or during the lecture-free period, so that there is enough time for studying and preparing for exams.
Intercultural training, support by German tutors and a "Fit for the Job" seminar are part of the program.

Writing advice German

Are you writing a term paper or a presentation, a bachelor's or master's thesis and have questions about the structure, form or conventions of academic formulation in German?

The TUM writing advice helps you to optimize your current text and to develop your writing skills in the long term. The offer is aimed at all international students at TUM. An appointment can be made online.

Learn German colloquial language in your free time

By participating in a language tandem, you can practice German well and make contact with German students. If you speak Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish or Swedish and want to improve your German, sign up for the language center's tandem program!
You can also find a tandem with Hindi, Persian, Russian, Turkish and many other languages ​​on the Sprachduo tandem platform.

TalkTUM [i:], the faculty's language café, takes place once a week. Here you can meet other students and chat in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee, tea and cake. We have beginner and advanced groups for German and about four to ten other languages. During the two hours of the café, you can have various conversations or create a group in your native language.