Can a succubus read a person's mind?

Succubi (comics)

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Succubi (comics)


Deprivation of life force
"Succubi. Whores of hell. They lure men with ecstatic lust and kill them by sucking out their life force. At least according to legend ..."

Succubi are a special kind of demons under the guidance of Lilith.


Succubi appear in the form of normal human women, but when convicted they disappear their human form and reveal a much more demonic appearance. They have pale skin, glowing red eyes, dark hair and fangs.


Supernatural: The Prodigal Son

Powers and abilities

  • Shape transformation - Unlike normal demons, Succubi do not have to take possession of any human being in order to walk about on earth. You can shape your body yourself. In doing so, they tend to take the form of the woman that their victim desires most.
  • telepathy - Succubi can read people's minds and use them to shape their human form according to the preferences of their victim.
  • seduction - They have the ability to seduce their victims and make them fall in love with them, much like sirens.
  • Deprivation of life force - Succubi feed on the essence of human life.
  • Super strength - Like other demons, succubi are far stronger than humans. You can overwhelm a grown man and tear him apart with no effort.
  • immortality - As demons, Succubi do not age and have a much longer lifespan than humans.


  • exorcism - Due to their demonic nature, they can be exorcised and thus sent back to hell.