What is a red anodized aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet silver anodized on both sides in E6 / EV1 made of AlMg1 (2.0 mm) made to measure

Untreated aluminum sheet forms an oxide layer on its surface when it comes into contact with oxygen, which protects it from corrosion. Electrolytic oxidation, also known as anodizing for short, creates an even stronger and harder protective layer that also protects the sheet metal from many chemical substances. Anodized throughout, our aluminum sheet also offers a high-quality appearance, thanks to which it is ideally suited for use in visible areas.

Anodized without contact points for the highest quality requirements

Anodized on both sides E6 / EV1 means that our sheets have a specially pickled, natural-colored surface. So-called strip anodizing is used in production, in which entire coils are coated instead of individual sheets. This non-contact process not only guarantees a constant appearance, but also avoids the mounting holes or clamping points typical of conventional anodizing baths.
The possible areas of application for our strip anodized aluminum sheet include:

  • Housing of electrical appliances,
  • Window frames,
  • Brackets,
  • Fittings,
  • Image engravings.

Silver anodized sheet metal can be used to clad surfaces as well as for the production of tin signs.

Cut to measure - aluminum sheets anodized according to your wishes

We can provide you with your aluminum sheet made from the material alloy EN 573/485 H14 / 24 (AlMg1) in exactly the size you need it. Please use our online configurator to adapt your articles according to your ideas.

How to configure your aluminum sheet

  • Step 1: Enter the desired dimensions in the appropriate fields.
  • Step 2: Make a selection from our item options.
  • Step 3: Enter the required number in the quantity field.
  • Step 4: Transfer your articles to the shopping cart by clicking on the green field.

Information about our item options

In addition to the cutting, we offer you various options with which you can adapt your sheets even better to your requirements and needs.

Sheet metal foiled on one side:
So that the anodizing does not get scratched during transport or further processing, we recommend that you have your aluminum sheet coated on one side. You can easily remove the film later.

Sheet metal edges:
If you would like not only to cut your aluminum sheet, but also to have it edged or bent, please select the option “1-fold to the angle profile” and fill in the relevant fields. In addition, you can decide whether the decorative side should be on the outside or inside after the edging.

If you would like us to deburr your aluminum sheets, please contact us. However, we would like to point out that the anodized layer on the cut edge would be damaged in the process.