What is President Trump's job description

Donald Trump fortune

What are Donald Trump's net worth and income?

Donald Trump is the surprise winner of the US elections in November 2016, the new President of the United States of America since January 2017 and a multi-billionaire. Controversial in political terms, Trump has earned his immense wealth himself, primarily in the management of his Trump Organization, founded in 1971. In the following you will learn how rich the most famous businessman in the USA really is and what income he is currently recording.

Donald Trump revenue

As president of the United States, Donald Trump receives a salary of US $ 395,000 per year. Trump also draws additional income from a variety of projects and from the returns on his private assets. According to estimates by the wealth magazine, this income was 60 million US dollars in 2016, the equivalent of around 55 million euros. The platform states that the presidential candidate would earn more than 10 million annually through licenses such as the Trump Building or the Trump World Tower.

Significantly higher income can be assumed if one follows the disclosed income of the possible US president. According to media reports, after long pressure, he disclosed his income during the election campaign, together with all participation, Trump names an annual income of almost 560 million dollars there.

Past earnings and special features

Trump has been a businessman for four decades and is primarily established in the hotel and real estate industry. After having made provisions as an entrepreneur, he devoted himself to an extensive media career on many levels. He has published more than a dozen books, mostly on business topics. With these, according to conservative estimates, he should have earned several additional millions over the years.

Trump also owns the Miss Universe Organization together with NBCUniversal, which is responsible for hosting the beauty pageants of the same name. He was the leading force behind the television series The Apprentice and had regular media appearances around the WWE wrestling league. Donald Trump will not have performed all of these activities for free, so that to this day he is likely to have a large number of direct and indirect sources of income.

Estimated net worth of Donald Trump

Trump is a man of big words and has often spoken of a private fortune of around ten billion US dollars in interviews. Public estimates are much more cautious. The fortune magazine currently estimates his fortune at 4.1 billion dollars and hereby refers to information from Forbes magazine. The US media group Bloomberg expects 3.0 billion US dollars. The reason for the deviations in many estimates is a large share of Trump's assets in real estate, which is subject to constant changes in value.

* Source: Own estimates, information in print and online media, company publications, government institutions and statistics