Have you changed your dream

What is important to you in life? What are you longing for? Deep down inside you have a rough idea, but something keeps you from living the way you actually want it? In the long run this is not only unhealthy but the direct path into a life that does not suit you. That cannot and should not be the goal. Once you've read this article, that may change. You will start living your dreams - right away.

Do you know the pain of repentance?

It's an uncomfortable pain with the two-sided blade of a sharp sword.

  • One side hurts you because you missed something that you can never get back.
  • The other side hurts you because you know you are to blame for it.

A long time ago I had a lasting encounter with this pain, which I would like to briefly tell you about.

It was a sunny Saturday morning.

I got up without an alarm clock, strolled into the living room, picked up my cell phone and surfed the net a bit. I felt like having a coffee and went into the kitchen.

It smelled delicious. My wife was doing magic, something vegan with a hint of coconut. As I passed her on the way to the coffee machine, my eyes suddenly stopped as if I had seen a ghost.

The reason for this was the tattooed saying on her shoulder:

The trouble is you think you have time

(Eng .: The problem is, you think you have time)

Sure, I've seen the tattoo on her hundreds of times and I was fully aware of the statement made by this saying. But on that morning when I was drifting haphazardly into the day, it suddenly "clicked" on me. I could suddenly feel the deep truth of this statement, as if it was a tattoo itself on my neck.

I suddenly felt the deep truth of this saying, which has its roots in Buddhism. A truth that cannot be changed and accompanies our life, whether we want it or not. It is the truth of finitude. But often we live like this, all our time would be infinite. Time is like sand in an hourglass - it flows incessantly.

Buddhism gives people a completely different mindset on their way. For them, man begins to die when he is born. That might sound a bit strange at first. But basically this is the blunt truth with a powerful effect on your own life. In line with this, Steve Jobs once said the following:

“Reminding myself that I will soon be dead is the most important tool in making big life decisions. Because almost all external expectations, pride or fear of embarrassment and failure fade in the face of death. "

Because in the end this is not about any missed opportunities but about life itself. It is about our deepest dreams, desires and needs. And if we don't begin to act, our desires remain empty thoughts. This magical moment opened my eyes. I never want to live like life is endless again. And the best way to do this is by pursuing your dreams.


Dreams, desires, whatever. What is meant are the wonderful scenarios that we imagine when the hectic everyday life takes a break for free thoughts.

In a little more psychological terms, we can see it this way:

Dreams are mentally visualized needs

Let's take a closer look at the definition.

  1. Thoughtful = you think. But in the case of your daydreams, your thoughts are an interpretation of your feelings.
  2. Visual = You cover your thoughts with pictures in order to be able to better express your needs for yourself.
  3. Needs = Are what you personally need. Satisfaction arises from fulfilling your needs.

You realize there is every reason to take your dreams and desires more seriously. They are often the unconscious key to more joy in life. Their fulfillment is the last piece of the puzzle to complete the picture of your fulfilled life. If you follow them, you will bring your inner and outer world into harmony.

This is not esoteric, but well-founded motivational psychology. Because only those who do what they really want inside themselves (intrinsically) can stay motivated and satisfied in the long term. Anyone who follows external, possibly strange, demands (extrinsically) burns in the long run. We know that as listlessness, sluggishness or even burnout.


The easiest way to integrate what you have learned into your life is to first fathom the importance of your dream or wish. Because:

You will only find time if something is important to you. If not, you'll find an excuse.

In order to assess the importance of your dream, it helps if you assign it to a relevant area of ​​life (more on this here). The fields of life have the greatest influence on our personal well-being and happiness in life. What cannot be classified in these fields has no relevant influence:

  • Relationships
  • health
  • Development of potential
  • Your environment
  • Finances
  • Life management
  • Meaning and self-knowledge

I understand you - the ruby ​​red Ferrari and the penthouse apartment in Miami are also on your wish list. But somehow neither of them fits into the above categories? Then put these two dreams aside for now. They are not as important for a full life as your mind is trying to convince you.

Tip: If your dream is big, it makes sense to break it down into its individual parts. This makes your dream more tangible and makes it appear more realistic. If it's really going to be the Ferrari and the penthouse, think about what will get you there. Possibly it is an experienced handling of finances, the use of your potential, good relationship building and stable health. As you can see, the fields of life are the access to your dreams.

Every dream that can be classified into one or more fields of life is of fundamental importance for you and your life. Don't let any more time go by and start living it. Keep in mind that your time is limited. To regret something too deep is one of the worst feelings we have to endure. So think carefully:

Will the feeling of regret arise if you haven't tried to fulfill your dream? You should be afraid of repentance. Because one thing is clear:

You will die someday. So start living Now.

Greetings from PeaceLife,
Stefan Kollewe

And please don't forget our peace moral: Knowledge belongs to everyone!

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