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TOP clinics: FOCUS honors 25 AniCura veterinary practices

    Munich - For the first time, FOCUS will present Germany's TOP veterinary practices in 2020 - including 25 AniCura locations. 17 clinics can now call themselves “TOP clinics”. More than 10,000 veterinary practices and clinics were rated by pet owners in the categories of treatment, service orientation, overall impression and equipment - only 117 veterinary clinics and 1,394 practices made it into the top list. Because: "We only award a place on the FOCUS animal doctor list if the results are above average," reads the magazine. The greater the joy that the name AniCura is mentioned so often!

    Where do you go if it hurts? Whom can you confide in without hesitation? For many years, the FOCUS doctor lists have been pointing human patients and relatives to Germany's top specialists for such questions. Now finally the magazine published in the special edition "FOCUS-Tierdoktor" for the first time also the best lists of veterinary clinics and veterinary practices all over Germany. Including 25 AniCura locations.

    "From now on we are the guide to find the right vet," writes editor-in-chief Werner Siefer in the foreword of the special edition. His research team has made an extensive quality comparison among the veterinarians. The result: the list of 1511 recommended veterinary practices and clinics in Germany with addresses and specialist areas. "The list of TOP veterinary practices 2020 makes it clear that under the name AniCura you can always find high-quality veterinary care," says Carla Nauman, Country Manager at AniCura Germany. "We have made it our business to shape the veterinary care of tomorrow."

    Evaluation basis: treatment, service orientation, overall impression, equipment

    Around 22,600 animal owners provided detailed information for FOCUS-Tierdoktor in questionnaires about how the treatment of their animal went or how they assessed the hygiene of the practice and the service orientation of the staff. Criteria were also the success and duration of the treatment, the well-being of the animal and whether the veterinarian had responded to the needs of the owner, the friendliness of the staff, the waiting time and the transparency of the treatment costs.

    In addition, cleanliness, accessibility and the availability of medical devices played a role. One of the most important criteria: would the owners recommend a practice or clinic to their friends and acquaintances? "Yes! We are recommended! ”, The 25 award-winning AniCura veterinary centers can rightly claim. "A great result!"

    The excellent TOP clinics include:

    • AniCura Potsdam, 14469 Potsdam

    • Small Animal Center Preußisch Oldendorf, 32361 Preußisch Oldendorf

    • AniCura Bielefeld, 33719 Bielefeld

    • AniCura Kassel Veterinary Clinic Dr. W. Doering & Partner, 34123 Kassel

    • AniCura Bökelberg, 41066 Mönchengladbach

    • Veterinary Clinic Neandertal, 42781 Haan

    • AniCura Recklinghausen, 45659 Recklinghausen

    • Veterinary clinic for small animals at the Forstgarten, 47533 Kleve

    • AniCura Aachen - Veterinary Clinic Dr. Staudacher, 52078 Aachen

    • AniCura Animal Clinic Trier, 54294 Trier-Feyen

    • Small Animal Clinic Bretzenheim, 55559 Bretzenheim

    • AniCura Animal Clinic Egelsbach, 63329 Egelsbach

    • AniCura Walluf, 65396 Walluf

    • AniCura Small Animal Medical Center Hüttig, 72766 Reutlingen

    • AniCura Small Animal Center Heilbronn, 74072 Heilbronn

    • AniCura Heilbronn Small Animal Center at the District Office, 74072 Heilbronn

    • Animal Clinic Hair, 85540 Hair

    The excellent TOP veterinary practices include:

    • AniCura Animal Health Center Jena-West, 07743 Jena
    • AniCura Gerresheim Fidelios, 40625 Düsseldorf
    • Animal health center at Bürgerhaus Süd, 45661 Recklinghausen
    • AniCura Veterinary Practice Dr. Xaver Rösch, 67454 Haßloch / Palatinate
    • AniCura Small Animal Medical Center Dr. Nees, 76356 Weingarten
    • AniCura veterinary practice at Klinkerberg, 86152 Augsburg
    • AniCura small animal specialists Augsburg, 86157 Augsburg
    • AniCura Small Animal Center Neu-Ulm, 89233 Neu-Ulm

    The complete study is published in the print edition "Focus Tierdoktor", which appeared on October 29, 2019.

    About AniCura

    AniCura is a family of well-known veterinary clinics and veterinary practices that specialize in the veterinary care of pets. Animal owners find modern, high-quality veterinary care at 270 locations in Europe: prevention and basic care as well as modern diagnostics, surgery, orthopedics and intensive care for patients. Numerous facilities also offer rehabilitation measures, physiotherapy and nutritional advice. More than 5,500 dedicated employees treat more than 2.5 million pets each year, many of which are referred to in a trustworthy manner. Thanks to easy accessibility and high patient safety, customers feel in good hands with AniCura.

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