Is there a Colombian restaurant in Melbourne

Linn MacKenzieFood trends come out Australia

If you're going to get avocado fries in any hip store: It's a food trend from Australia. In Melbourne, the restaurants outdo each other with wacky creations. Linn MacKenzie blogs about it and tells us about it. And honestly: the avocado fries are still harmless.

So what is served in Melbourne is really awesome. The latest food trends include bright yellow tumeric lattes, popcorn chicken on waffles, fries made from avocados, black rice porridge with amaranth crumble, pink Mac'n Cheese burgers or donut-maple-bacon thickschakes, a really thick milkshake .

"You don't really want to like the donut-maple-bacon-thickschakes because the combination is somehow disgusting. But it's really, really delicious!"

Linn ordered the milkshake with bacon out of curiosity - and is absolutely thrilled. Here, vanilla ice cream is mixed together with milk, a donut and bacon caramelized in maple syrup, as a topping another scoop of ice cream, small bacon cubes and donuts round off the thickshake. "It tastes incredibly good," says Linn.

"Australians like to experiment, are creative and have high expectations of the quality of their food."
Linn MacKenzie, food blogger from Melbourne

Basically, Linn raves about the food trends she blogs about. But there was actually one thing that didn't taste that good. The green burger

"The café that sells the burger is totally hyped on Instagram. The burger was very photogenic, but it was absolutely dry."

Linn's highlights are actually the milkshake with bacon and - very perverse - the Fairy Floss Dessert Burger. An absolute girl's unicorn dream, as she says.

This darling works like this: On a deeper plate is a brioche bun, a soft burger bun that is filled with honeycomb ice cream and sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries. Then there is a sauce made of white chocolate.

Girls unicorn dream to snack on

A huge mountain of pink cotton candy is placed over this brioche bun, which is in turn garnished with flowers and candy that crackles in the mouth. To get to the burger, you pour warm coconut milk over the cotton candy, which then naturally dissolves. This is how a wonderful dessert is created!