Should I try snowboarding or skiing?

November 28, 2018 By: Karl in 'Skiing'

That's why snowboarding is better than skiing

Many people believe that skiing is better than snowboarding. Just as many believe the exact opposite. One is easier to learn because the foot position is more natural, the other is a challenge for balance. Because skiers and snowboarders are still arguing and discussing which sport is better in winter on the slopes of the world, Snowplaza has put together a list of why snowboarding is better than skiing. But don't worry, dear skiers. The opposite list of arguments in favor of skiing is also on the page to keep it fair.

1. Your hands are free because there are no annoying ski poles

Not only do skiers forget the annoying things always and everywhere, beginners also know what a sore muscles it can be if you cling to ski sticks in panic on the descent. Snowboarders have it much more relaxed. First of all, snowboarders look much more casual and secondly they have their hands free for much more important things, such as waving, holding a selfie stick or on the left the coffee to take away and on the right the second breakfast on the go.

2. A snowboard is much easier to carry

Every skier has secretly wished to be an octopus, because for skis, ski poles and perhaps even ski helmets, ski goggles, gloves and car keys, significantly more than two arms are required. Snowboarders comfortably clamp a board under their arm and start booting, while the skier behind them has already dropped something again.

3. Snowboard boots are as comfortable as slippers

Have you ever been so ambitious as to want to cover the last stretch in ski boots? Once you've tried that, you won't do it again. Snowboarders, on the other hand, grin and take a leisurely stroll in their comfortable snowboard boots as if nothing had happened. Definitely one of the greatest advantages of snowboarding.

4. Snowboarders undeniably look cooler

In the end, wide baggy pants somehow look better than the full-body overall that some skiers wear on the ski slopes. In addition, putting them on is definitely much easier. As a skier, you can also try this casual sitting on the slopes.

5. Snowboarding is the supreme discipline. Every idiot learns to ski

Sure, if the feet are attached to a single board, everyone can come down the mountain. The challenge, however, is to fix both feet on a snowboard and then to keep your sides in balance. Anyone who can get on and off the ski lift without an accident has definitely proven that they can do something.

6. The benefit of sitting around

Tired? Sit down. Beautiful view? Sit down. Unbuckle or buckle your snowboard? Sit down. Why should snowboarders, like skiers, stress the stress of having to do everything standing up? You just park your bum in the snow and if you can go on, snowboarders get up again. With thick snowboard pants, the downside doesn't get cold either.

7. The snowboard does not fly in all directions when falling

It is not uncommon to see skiers next to the piste trying to fish one of their skis out of the nearest fir tree. Snowboarders don't have that problem. Crashed, slipped, fallen - and where is the snowboard? Oh yes, still on your feet because the bindings do not come off and the ski catapults almost 1.5 kilometers into what feels like the next ski area. Also saves the humiliation of hobbling across the slopes with a ski on your foot and a ski boot.

Is snowboarding better than skiing?

There are 7 reasons that snowboarding is better, says Snowplaza reporter Karl. Sarah has found 10 reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding. Only those who have read both articles can really make an objective decision.

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