What are the most interesting German websites

These are Germany's favorite websites

The Internet measuring service "Similarweb" determines the most popular websites of the Germans. Search, social media and shopping are way ahead. T-online.de is also one of the most popular websites among Germans.

At the top of the list of the most popular websites is - of course - Google. In first place is the German version "google.de", which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Closely followed by the US version "google.com" in second place.

With "youtube.de" follows in third place the first entertainment and video website. The service launched two new subscription services "YouTube Premium" and "Music" in the summer.

"Facebook.com" landed in fourth place, the social network was at the center of several data scandals this year.

Amazon before eBay

Amazon.de, the largest online shopping site, is in fifth place. The provider is starting its bargain week "Cyber ​​Monday Week" again next week with "Black Friday".

With "eBay.de" another shopping site follows in sixth place. The auction site was a little quieter in 2018, but eBay classified ads are becoming more and more popular. This follows in eighth place.

In between there is "wikipedia.de", the first knowledge page that consists of the contributions of its members. It has replaced printed encyclopedias such as Brockhaus.

Web.de far ahead

With "Web.de" a German internet provider and freemailer is in ninth place. The service also offers news on its homepage.

A well-known US porn operator follows in tenth place. These pages are also popular on the Internet, but none of them make it to the top.

With "Instagram.com" another social network lands in eleventh place. The service is particularly popular with younger users, with many following their celebrities and influencers here.

t-online.de in twelfth place

The news portal t-online.de follows in twelfth place - ahead of the German freemail service "gmx.de" in thirteenth place.

Similarweb measures, among other things, how long users stay on a page, how many pages a user looks at per visit and how many users leave the site after opening only one page. It uses these values ​​to form the popularity ranking.