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Jewel thieves get stuck in the elevator on the run

Bad luck for two jewel thieves in Cincinnati. They had already gathered their prey and were on the run when the elevator got stuck. The police were able to arrest the duo in peace

Leroy Bridgman and Marcie Young stood in front of the judge on Friday after police arrested them in an elevator on Thursday night. The duo - he's 57, she's 61 - wanted to clear out a jeweler in Sycamore Township, Cincinnati.

The jeweler had to watch from home

The owner of the shop became aware of the break-in when the alarm went off. He had to watch helplessly from home as the duo entered his business and gathered 26 diamond rings. The two of them knew exactly that the police were on their way and would have managed to escape in time if they had not left their luck at the very last minute.

Escape by elevator came to an end quickly

Leroy and Marcie were already on their way out when they realized that the stairwell ended on the first floor. Since they had to go to the garage, they got into the elevator. That promptly got stuck. That saved the police a lot of work.

The duo guessed what to expect, so they quickly tried to get rid of the prey. They hid the diamond rings on the elevator. That was of little use to them. The police found the stolen property, the burglar's tools and, of course, the surveillance camera footage. The duo won't have a lot of chances in court.
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