What Chinese websites have images in the public domain?

I want to spice up my homepage. Where can I get pictures without copyright?

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It is very important that there is really no copyright on the pictures, a friend received an invoice because someone simply posted pictures and claimed that there were no rights on them.
Simply taking pictures from the Internet is rarely a good idea; this can quickly lead to a reminder. Grab a camera and take a few pictures yourself, sunset, nature or the like. In the case of self-made pictures, the copyright lies entirely with you.
- take photos yourself
- Wikimedia Commons, pay attention to the license details
- on Heise Fotos you can also find many (not all!) pictures under a CC (Creative Commons) license, also pay attention to the details here (e.g. only mentioning the author, only unchanged, not commercial)
Bastian Otto
if you want to be absolutely sure, you have to take your own pictures, or those with the appropriate GNU license.

Is it even possible to simply send an invoice when you have used a picture with a clear conscience that was declared free? That doesn't violate copyright law, is it?
I faced the same problem on Sunday. I then bought a suitable photo from a commercial provider and can change, copy and use it on my website for myself without further restrictions. Even commercial use would work. I am not allowed to pass it on or sell it on. The fun cost me 14.98 including sales tax in a medium image size. Far cheaper than getting a warning. Before that, I had spent hours looking for a really free photo, but found nothing in a usable resolution and with the motif I was looking for. Otherwise I would take the pictures myself, but unfortunately that didn't work for my motif because you need a night sky and about 200 rockets.
It is important to have a foreign provider. Who is stupid a presence z. B. at 1 & 1 employ the lawyers for the purpose of warning their own customers.

If you use images from the Internet then remove the ExeIF data, which excludes where the image came from, when it was created, etc.

Just don't stress yourself.

Among other things, I use this page:
There you can use all photos completely freely according to the license model and information.
Even without specifying the source.

If that is too unsure for you, because you don't trust the model, you can download photos from Pixelio.de. Here you have to check the license individually for each picture, which is very annoying. The images can usually be used for private homepages, but you have to include the source information.

Personally, I prefer to use Fotolia or I-Stock. There you can get good photos for very little money. Photos that you want to use for your website cost from 1 to 2 euros.

There are no images without copyright (at least if I understand that correctly). There is always an author. Usage rights can only be transferred for certain areas.
root putty
@Lauterbach: If you have no idea ...

The public prosecutor is not interested in where the images are, but only in where the operator is domiciled.
root putty
Somehow the weather doesn't get the admins down, because Commons is a picture database with lots of pictures lying around, many are PD, for others you just have to name the author.
There is no such thing as a copyright in Germany, since an author always has copyrights. : -) ... But what you are looking for are pictures / photos that can be used freely. (Keywords: royalty-free or public domain).