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Sightseeing in Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta is known to many as a hub on the flight from Europe to the west coast, which is certainly justified as Atlanta has the world's largest airport. But the city has so much more to offer that is worth discovering!

The perfect mix of hospitality and big city life - Atlanta isn't just Georgia Capitalbut also a must for travelers in the area! Discover the World of Coca-Cola in the museum located in the city and visit the immediately afterwards Georgia Aquarium directly opposite, which incidentally that largest aquarium in the United States is. Would you like to go for a walk or just enjoy the city skyline? The best place to do this is at Centennial Olympic Park, a 22-acre public park in the city center. There is also a lot to see in the Atlanta History Center: Take a trip back in Atlanta's time as a farming town, see the Civil War exhibits and stroll through one of the six gardens of the eclectic museum complex, which includes the imposing Swan House.

In addition to these top sights, the multifaceted city offers many other attractions. Whether high-end shopping and elegant dining in Buckhead or strolling in Little Five Points, ideal for lovers of records and junk shops. The best thing to do is to discover the city for yourself, with all its variety! And good news: You don't need a car in Atlanta! Much is within walking distance, and there is MARTA for everything else. Local public transport makes the airport and city extremely easy to reach by train or bus!

Here's a video about the sights in Atlanta to get you in the mood:

World of Coca-Cola
You shouldn't miss this museum with a difference! Here you not only learn a lot of interesting things about the popular soft drink. You can also see which steps the Coke takes before it comes to us - from production to marketing. The highlight: You can taste the different versions of Fanta and Coke that are available in the world!

CNN is taping the world's news in Atlanta, and you can be there live! The tour takes you past the famous studios where presenters can likely be seen at work. You can even try yourself out as a newscaster!

Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta is not only home to the largest airport, but also the largest aquarium in the world! Around 120,000 sea creatures from a total of 500 species can be admired here. The plexiglass tunnel through one of the aquariums, which is also one of the largest in the world, is particularly impressive!

Martin Luther King Memorial
The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is home to the birthplace and grave of the famous civil rights activist. The complex can be compared to a kind of national park for the life and achievements of King. At the Center of Civil Rights you will learn a lot about the moving struggle of African Americans for civil rights and how this struggle relates to today's global human rights movements.

Much of this ambitious project has already been completed! The Atlanta BeltLine, a cycle and footpath that stretches around the city like a belt, will one day connect parks, green spaces and paths along an old railway line for more than 35 kilometers. The 3.2 kilometer long Eastside Trail, which already exists, is particularly popular with the locals and is peppered with works of art (see picture below right).

Markets, restaurants & Co.
Foodies should take a look at the "Sweet Auburn Market", where everything your heart desires, from the best soul food to gourmet cuisine! Monthly food tours are organized here. Definitely you should Ponce City Market do not miss. Many restaurants and shops are housed in what is actually the largest brick building in the southeast (see picture below left). There are also great little restaurants and bars in the vicinity. The Skyline Park is located on the roof with an impressive view of the city. The city market is on the BeltLine and there is also a convenient rental station for bicycles and e-scooters. So you can burn a few more calories before or after feasting!

Blown by the wind
See locations from the famous classic and learn more about the book and the author at Margret Mitchell House, where the material that made millions of women cry was written! The "Gone With The Wind Museum" is also located near Atlanta, in Marietta. South of Atlanta is also the "Road to Tara Museum" and the property that comes closest to the model of the Scarlett mansion, Stately Oaks. Are you a fan and would like to look for clues in Georgia yourself? Then check out ours Round trip "Gone with the Wind" at!

Atlanta History Center
This fantastic history museum, which is not to be missed, is located in the beautiful Buckhead district, which is almost a fifth of Atlanta in the north. There are several historic properties and gardens on the site, including the pretty Swan House, which gives a museum visit a great facet that you would not expect. The museum has exciting civil war artefacts (no other museum has more!), A huge area dedicated to the Olympic Games, which were held here in 1996, and much more.
A recently reopened area features the newly restored Atlanta Cyclorama - it was, you could say, the IMAX of the 1880s. It is a huge panoramic painting that covers the walls of a circular building. It shows the Battle of Atlanta and should make the viewer feel like you are on the battlefield and part of the story. It was painted by 17 German painters in the American Panorama Company in Milwaukee in several months. The specially created complex not only shows the picture, but is a multimedia experience. Really impressive!

Incidentally, one of the soldiers in the cyclorama is supposed to show Clark Gable. For the premiere of the film "Gone with the Wind" the leading actors visited the cyclorama and Clark Gable said it would be perfect if his likeness could also be seen on it. A dying soldier lying on the ground is said to have finally missed it. And another curious anecdote about the picture: It was changed before. In the original, when it was still being shown in the north of the USA, it looked more like a Unionist victory. When it came to Atlanta it was tweaked a bit to suit the audience and made the scenes look more like a Confederate victory.

Movie Tours
Ever heard of a movie tour? Take part in one! It not only takes you to "Gone with the Wind" highlights, but also to many filming locations for modern blockbusters that you are sure to know! More about Georgia as a film location learn from this article.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
If you need some peace and quiet from sightseeing and the hustle and bustle of the city, you should plan a walk through this beautiful botanical garden and enjoy the scent of the orchids!

Atlantic Station
Here's something for shopaholics: You should definitely take this outdoor shopping mecca with you! On the site of the former steelworks, which opened in 1901, there is now a district that includes commercial buildings, apartment and residential buildings (The Commons / The Village) and a shopping district (The District).

Fun for the little ones!
Find out what there is for kids & co. To discover in this video:

Jackson Street Bridge
Head high above International Boulevard in the evening before sunset to catch perfect views of Atalta's skyline in the golden glistening light of the setting sun! This bridge can also be seen in a famous scene from "The Walking Dead" when Rick rides to Atlanta (see video on Movie Tours). A must for fans!

Krog Street Tunnel & Living Walls
Street art style pictures, words and ideas can be found in this underground tunnel. It connects Inman Park with Cabbagetown and will make graffiti fans rave about it! The Living Walls should be seen above ground. The walls are practically a huge art gallery, wherever something is going on, from pop-up shops to readings and workshops.

Excursion into the countryside
Stone Mountain Park is located northwest of the city and, according to the operators, is the "most visited attraction in Georgia". Here you'll find almost 1,300 acres of natural beauty, peppered with family-friendly activities, adventure, and historic sites. The latter includes a gigantic relief in the granite rock of Stone Mountain, which shows the President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, and his two generals, Lee and Sherman. It's even bigger than Mount Rushmore! This makes it the world's largest bas-relief. And another superlative: Stone Mountain is also the largest exposed granite rock in the world. If that's not a reason to visit!

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Adrenaline junkies should hit the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park! There is also the "Hurricane Harbor" water park. The heart's head is at home here and the screeching factor is guaranteed! It is a little less nerve-wracking in the "Skyview Atlanta" observation wheel. Go up twenty stories for a spectacular view of Atlanta!