Why can't my videos be uploaded?

Why can't I upload my video?

Why can I not login?

If you have just registered, it may take a while for the editors to approve your profile. First of all, it will be checked whether the data you have given is correct. Then your parents have to confirm your registration and activate your profile via a link. Only then can you register.

Do I have to register myself?

To upload your own videos, you have to log in. It is important that your parents agree to this. If you just want to look at the site, you don't have to log in. You can also comment on all posts without being logged in.

Why is my video not being activated?

We watch all of the videos before we unlock them. But sometimes there is a lot going on in our editorial team. We will of course try to watch all new videos as soon as possible. From time to time, however, this can take a little longer.

Why is my video rejected?

We have to reject some videos. Then you will receive an email from us. There are several reasons why we do not allow videos for the website:

  1. The most common reason is the music in the video. If the music in your video isn't royalty-free, or you haven't provided where the music came from, we won't be able to share your video. We do this to protect you. It can be very expensive if you simply use someone else's music. Find out more here: "Rights on the Internet".
  2. It is also possible that your video violates other rules on juki. For example, that you are not allowed to offend anyone or not give personal information. Read the "juki rules" again.

Why is my comment not displayed?

All comments are checked by the editorial team before they are approved. There are rules for children and juki. For example, not to offend anyone in a comment. If a comment breaks the rules, the editorial team will delete it.

Since we have to read all comments first, they do not appear immediately under the post. We get a lot of new comments every day and try to read and unlock them as soon as possible. We then answer questions too.

Can I change my video again?

No, you can't. Once you've uploaded your video, you can't change it. However, you can change or add to the description, i.e. the text under your video.

Where can I see my own videos?

If you click on your profile, you will see all of your videos. Of course you have to be logged in for this.