What is the most expensive Ar 15

AR-15 assault rifle: why so many mass murderers rely on this weapon

Police revealed the perpetrator's identity a few hours after the fatal shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Accordingly, the shooter is 19-year-old Nikolas C. He is said to have had numerous magazines with ammunition and an AR-15 assault rifle with him during the crime.

The AR-15 rifle is an extremely popular weapon. Outwardly, it is almost identical to the M16 assault rifle that the manufacturer Colt sells to the military.

The AR-15 is the version for civilians. In contrast to the military version, this weapon cannot be used with continuous fire from a technical point of view. Experienced shooters can still fire a large number of shots in a very short time.

A decisive, perfidious advantage of the weapon is its low weight. This also makes them attractive to younger and less powerful offenders. It is offered in different versions by several manufacturers, the firepower of the rifles is therefore different. Their shots are described as very loud.

Many of the worst massacres in the United States in recent years were carried out with such rifles, including in Orlando, San Bernardino, Aurora, and Newtown. These rifles are particularly controversial in the discussion about tightening gun law. They were banned for a few years, but have been freely available again since 2004.