Can a marriage ever work a second time?

To be honest - second chance - who did it work with?

Opinion from the "folded" page

Well, I have to say that it was more or less a totally hasty, senseless short-circuit disconnection ..
I was the abandoned one, at that time I was with my boyfriend for almost a year, it was just before the anniversary.
He was very exhausted, of the opinion that I would talk too little to him, may have been correct, and he just didn't break anything with me. She also had some other problems at the time and went into psychological care.
Well, that didn't help me much, I was presented with a fait accompli, with no prospect of improvement or the chance to change anything, I was finished without end, crying fits, breakdowns ...
After a month and a half he wrote to me .. sought contact from his side after two letters from me and one writing conversation were unsuccessful.
After a proper discussion, it has slowly settled down .. now it's going well again.

Could I just forgive that?
Difficult, I think I am a forgiving person and I want to forgive him for all the difficulties that influenced him and the resulting behavior.
However, I was left with some damage .. I am very afraid that I will again feel such harsh consequences because of something insignificant, even outside of the partnership. Fear of failure, because I felt like a failure all this time .. Self-doubts, which I have anyway, but which are not diminished by something like that ..

But he's so incredibly important to me and if I only know that he needs me, what he's doing, then I want to be there for him.
I don't know if this is "his second chance" .. maybe.
But if he's smart enough, it will definitely be his last.


PS: you are such a lovely forum, I thank everyone who read along and sympathized

I like it