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So that it shines and flashes again: This is how you clean your aluminum rims

The right care for aluminum rims on the vehicle

Dirty and dirty rims on the vehicle do not leave a good impression and the car does not come into its own. With many and frequent journeys, it is therefore important that you clean aluminum rims regularly and thoroughly. Because with every trip, dirt and, above all, stubborn brake dust settle on the rims. In order to get this dirt thoroughly clean, special agents, such as wheel rim cleaners, often have to be used.

Car wash and rim cleaning

A visit to the car wash is usually done quickly and the car shines in new splendor, but the beautiful aluminum rims often fall by the wayside. Because for them to shine properly, handwork is required above all. An aggressive opponent of aluminum rims is brake dust, which can really burn in over time. Therefore, it is best to clean your rims every time you wash your car. Commercially available rim cleaners or common household products can be used for this purpose.

Wheel cleaning even in winter

Thorough care is necessary, especially in winter, when the roads are covered with road salt and grit, because the salt is very aggressive and can not only attack the car paint, but also have a damaging effect on the rims. Even if the outside temperature is clearly below zero, you can clean the aluminum rims, as this prevents oxidation later on. However, it should be noted that chrome rims and highly polished models must never be cleaned with a normal rim cleaner. The chemicals present then strongly attack the material. Here you should only clean it with normal water or ask the respective manufacturer of the rims for care tips.

Use of budget funds

You can also use household products to clean aluminum rims. Oven spray, for example, makes it easy to loosen coarse dirt particles on the rim. To do this, spray the spray on the dry rims and let it work for about 15 minutes. Then the dirt can be removed with water and a sponge. However, the Bremen should be spared the spray, as this can impair the braking effect. With the help of toothpaste it is possible to loosen impurities on aluminum rims. To do this, apply the toothpaste to the respective areas with a slightly damp cloth and rub them in. The first dirt is already loosened and the other residues can also be removed with a little manual work. The use of such common household funds is very inexpensive in terms of costs, but if used improperly, they can also cause damage to the vehicle. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when handling it. As always, it is advisable to try out the effect of such home remedies on an inconspicuous, concealed area as possible before using them over a large area.

Wheel cleaners perform well

Common rim cleaners with a low pH value clean aluminum rims very reliably and also deal with heavy dirt from brake dust. Even if this is already a bit burned in, it can be removed with such a special cleaner. Large truck rims can also be cleaned with it. The cleaners contain certain chemicals that work very thoroughly and thus ensure a shiny appearance. You can buy such cleaners from specialist car dealers, hardware stores or petrol stations for just a few euros. In order to be able to apply the rim cleaner perfectly, it is advisable to use a sponge or a rim brush. This means that hard-to-reach places can be easily reached. After applying the cleaner, let it work for a few minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. A pressure washer is best for this, but a reasonable distance from the rims should be maintained.

Manual work is in demand

When cleaning aluminum rims, manual work is required, because in addition to spraying, it is primarily about correct distribution on the rim. The corners in particular must be cleaned thoroughly so that no dirt sticks there. Useful accessories are, for example, a small sponge or a rim brush. A toothbrush can also be used to reach even the smallest dirt particles at the edges. This is quite time-consuming, but it is worth using and the aluminum rims then shine in full shine again.

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