How do I get leads through classified ads

Sell ​​on Facebook

The Button solution, i.e. the integration of a buy button, is the fastest way to profitably use the networking and awareness on Facebook. Once an individual link has been placed, the user traffic generated via it can of course also be easily tracked and evaluated. In addition to a button in your own profile, the use of the linking technique is also recommended in individual appropriate posts, those on their own channel to be published.

The Facebook Marketplace is Facebook's answer to eBay classifieds, so it follows the tried and tested principle of success for selling on the Placing advertisementsthat interested parties can contact. Negotiations are possible within the usual framework, which significantly increases the chance of a successful sale and makes the F-Commerce Channel (Facebook Commerce) so interesting.

The surface and structure of a Facebook shops However, this is not a great specialty for tried and tested web users: The relatively new feature for selling on Facebook works on the same principle that online shops and sales platforms such as Amazon rely on. It offers for example Product images, videos and descriptions and of course Customer ratings. The latter can only be submitted on Facebook to the shop itself and not to the individual products.