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1 o-ton passenger magazine of the ODEG / issue with the ODEG motley highlights for children along the routes apprenticeship positions 2020 railroad workers in operational service and further training Interview with musician Rolf Zuckowski A conversation about music and the importance of the family

2 Das STADT- Immer 27 There and back 43 LAND-SEA TICKET Go shopping in Berlin! To the Baltic Sea in the north! Relax in the country! Valid on the lines: RE2 Berlin <> Wismar RE3 Berlin <> Stralsund RE5 Berlin <> Rostock / Stralsund Validity for outward and return journeys: 1 month The ticket is valid for 2 days in each direction. Stopovers are possible. Bring your own children or grandchildren up to the age of 14 free of charge. All information at In cooperation with

3 WELCOME Contents 4 Region Colorfully on the move with the ODEG: Highlights for children along the routes Dear Passengers, When it is spring time and nature takes on color, life takes place more outdoors again. This issue is all about colorful fun and experiences for children. Explore the springtime ODEG region with us and enjoy the colorful illustrations. The ODEG is growing! In the News section you can find out how our company continues to develop. We have been online with our new career page since the end of last year. At you will find all entry opportunities with us. You can also look forward to trips with our new lines RE9 (Rostock Stralsund Binz / Sassnitz) and RE10 (Rostock Stralsund Züssow). With the acquisition of the network on the Baltic Sea coast, we are now even more in the north. Speaking of the north: As a native of Hamburg, Rolf Zuckowski is a real northern light. In the interview he talks about his most important elixir of life, music, the importance of freedom in raising children and his commitment to SOS Children's Villages projects. The ODEG has also been supporting the SOS Children's Village Berlin and the embassy for children since summer 2019. Read about the beginnings of this social service and its growing range of services in the Partners section: from childcare to apprenticeships. 10 News 20 Companies Apprenticeship positions 2020: Railway workers in operations and further training 24 Partners Our affair of the heart: SOS Children's Village Berlin and the embassy for children 26 Interview with musician Rolf Zuckowski The training courses at ODEG also offer young people the best prospects for their future . In the company section, four of our trainees give insights into the exciting everyday life as a young railroader in operations, specializing in train drivers and transport. Last but not least, a note: With this issue, Arnulf Schuchmann has placed one point behind nine years as managing director and spokesman at ODEG. Stefan Neubert continues to hold the commercial management. Bernd Schiering is the successor to the Operations management division. 30 Special contribution 32 Event tips Your ODEG management 36 Fun & games 40 Reading tips & recipe Arnulf Schuchmann Stefan Neubert Bernd Schniering 42 Faces of ODEG 3


5 REGION Papi, leave the car, let's not drive now. I feel like walking and saving fuel. Rolf Zuckowski said it was back in the 1990s: Today the car stops. How good that there are many family-friendly excursion destinations along the ODEG routes, waiting to be explored. This issue is colorful and full of highlights for small and large passengers. Once again, getting on the yellow-green trains is a real pleasure. Here we go! Well planned is half the battle Every excursion begins with packing. Delicious travel provisions should not be missing on an adventure tour with children. We all know that: As soon as you sit down and it rolls, you get an appetite to eat something. A selection of healthy snacks shortens the travel time and puts you in a good mood. Vegetable sticks, sandwiches and pre-cut fruit are particularly suitable to take away. A little snacking sweetens a longer travel time. With tea from the thermos flask or a homemade lemonade, enough liquid is provided. Just as important as having a happy stomach is enough activity, after all, the journey shouldn't get boring. Space-saving games, books, and magazines are best. How about a round town-country-river, cheese box, I pack my suitcase or I see what you don't see? In addition, it is always worth taking a look at the o-ton passenger magazine. The children's page offers entertaining and educational things. 5

6 REGION Next stop Lübbenau! And then you can take the train in the direction of the Spreewald. In the little town of Lübbenau there is a lot of green and a special adventure pool. After the major renovation, the Spreewelten reopened in December 2018 and shine in new splendor! Families with children will find great water fun with Humboldt penguins in the outdoor area. There is also a great indoor playground. The greatest happiness on earth lies on the back of a horse. Horse enthusiasts can trace this saying at the Drei Linden farm at the foot of the Zittau Mountains. For little money there are stable tours, feeding offers and the opportunity to learn to ride a lunge on school horses. If you want to be close to the imposing animals without sitting in the saddle yourself, you can book carriage rides and chariot rides to the easternmost point of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Tannehof near Görlitz. Wild animals very close You can marvel at more exotic but also native animals in Wismar, Rostock, Cottbus and Hoyerswerda, among others. There are also a large number of excellent zoos and animal parks along the ODEG routes. For example, the zoo logical garden in Rostock was named the best zoo in Europe. Top marks were given for the quality of the enclosure, its green landscape and vegetation, the unique zoological-botanical ambience and the diverse educational offers. Public feedings include fur seals, lions and trample. As a temporary zookeeper, you can also look after penguins, zebras or seals. Also worth seeing are the Berlin zoo and the Berlin zoo. There is a gigantic aquarium in the zoo. Colorful underwater activity reigns behind the historical facade. The nature on the Saxon-Bohemian border offers a real play of colors. Lush green deciduous forests alternate with deep green pines and spruces. The low mountain range is ideal terrain for hikers and mountain bikers. For families with children there is a children's hiking map that leads past a real stone zoo. The unique rock formations in Jonsdorf and Oybin have names such as brooding hen, rhinoceros and lion. With a little luck you can see the round-leaved sundew or colorful orchids while walking. thumb up thumb down If you want to soak up the South Sea sun during the cold months, you should get on the train. The Tropical Islands is less than an hour from Berlin Central Station. When you arrive at the station in Brand Tropical Islands, a free shuttle takes over the last piece of happiness. Then the South Sea fun begins for the whole family: 26 degrees and 40 to 60 percent humidity, exotic plants, beach and pools. For guests who want to stay in paradise for more than a day, Tropical Islands offers sleeping options from tents to deluxe rooms. 6

7 REGION Tatütata, the fire brigade is here! FIRE DEPARTMENT If the weather is dreary and gray, it is worth stopping at the International Fire Brigade Museum in Schwerin. Germany's largest fire brigade museum focuses on the history of fire brigades across Europe. Covering an area of ​​square meters, it shows an enormous range of exhibits, including model cars and life-size fire engines. The historical breathing protection system is particularly fascinating, but the variety of fire extinguishers and irons on display is also surprising. Inquisitive children get a school lesson in the classroom. Here they learn exciting things about fire protection and extinguishing methods. Advertisement ... in the border triangle region of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic 17. Neisse film festival # Neissefilm Nyski festiwal filmowy Nisa film festival 120 films 20 Cinemas 6 Days 3 Countries 1 festival

8 REGION Show your feet! The sock-free season will start again on April 10, 2020 in Beelitz-Heilstätten. As soon as the shoes rest in the locker, the barefoot tour can begin. There are three color-coded trails, red, yellow and blue, with each discovery trail lasting around 1 to 1.5 hours. How does it feel to run barefoot through wet moor, on the slackline, over hill and dale or even over broken glass? On 15 hectares of forest there are plenty of such unusual surfaces to feel a sensory festival for the whole family. If our legs are lame at the end, we go back by bus and train. Already knew? Children were born in Germany in 2018. 26 percent of children grow up without siblings. The average age of the mother when the first child is born is currently 30 years. The children's rights convention has been in force in Germany for 30 years. Around 11 million families currently live in Germany. World Children's Day falls on a particularly beautiful day this year: Sunday, September 20th In eastern Germany, International Children's Day has been celebrated on June 1st since 1950. 8th

9 REGION Other children's highlights 1 Büffelhof Jüterbog Jüterbog * For 20 years, magnificent buffalos have been grazing on the eco-farm Bobalis in the Teltow-Fläming district. The females give delicious milk and provide the most important basis for the farm's own cheese dairy: the buffalo mozzarella. Everyone should try this delicacy once. It is best for nature boys and girls to come for a free guided tour on the first Saturday of the month from March to December. 2 Park Railway Cottbus Cottbus * In Cottbus, little railway fans can get a taste of practical experience. Children and young people have been taking on the most important tasks at the Park Railway since 1954. From April to November, young railroaders can swing the signal, stand in the driver's cab and act as gatekeepers to ensure safety at the level crossings. * For timetable information in Berlin and Brandenburg, please use 9

10 NEWS Expansion of the workshop in Eberswalde By winning the NES tender (Elbe-Spree network), the ODIG workshop at the Eberswalde location will be extended by 70 meters, the hall will then measure 220 meters in future. This extra space is urgently needed. Currently, 22 trains are constantly being serviced in the workshop. By the timetable change in December 2022, the number is expected to increase to 47 vehicles, an increase to more than double. New additions are the fully electrically powered Desiro HC trains and the diesel-electric LINT. This means that an extension of the track system will also be necessary and a new warehouse is being planned. * This should store large components that were previously stored externally. The conversion saves transport routes and time. A dedicated underfloor lathe will make it possible in future to machine wheel sets of all vehicles directly on site. However, these construction measures are tough. Man, machine and sand lizard share the living space at the Eberswalde site. Before the workshop was expanded, the animals had to be carefully relocated in summer 2019. Thanks to a simple trick, they quickly found a nearby new place. The grass was deliberately shortened, while it was allowed to grow naturally elsewhere. This resulted in a natural migration of the lizards towards the tall green. A tarpaulin set into the ground about 20 centimeters high prevents people from returning to the track construction area. You can rely 100 percent on the 100 percent subsidiary of ODEG, whether for nature conservation or maintenance. The expansion of the workshop is also reflected in personnel recruiting. The search for new technical employees has already started. As in 2019, there will also be trainee positions for mechatronics technicians in 2020. Other advertised positions, not only for apprentices, are listed on the new career page at * The preliminary planning status will apply until the approval process is completed in mid-2020. Railway workers with a heart Once again, busy ODEG employees have made it into the hearts of the passengers. The award is given annually by Allianz pro Schiene to particularly committed railway workers. It makes their daily commitment visible. So far, three of our service employees in local transport have been suggested: Antje Puchert, Juliane Rösche and Sebastian Fröschke. We will report on the results in the next o-ton. Stories from past years can be found at Facts and figures about ODEG 50 employees work part-time. 175 of our colleagues are employees and have been with ODEG for over 10 years. 10

11 Advertisement Feel good during your Spreewald time-out Find peace and relaxation in the midst of unique nature in Burg im Spreewald. Wide meadows, finely traversed by quiet flow, historic courtyards, high forest, which is reflected in the water. In Burg, the Spreewald shows itself from its most pristine side. Time out from the stressful everyday life and just have time for yourself. The largest scattered settlement in Germany spoils you with special deceleration in the vastness of the fascinating nature of the Spreewald, you can of course feel good at any time of the year. Your SpreewaldAuszeit services: 4 nights in the Hotel SpreeBalance (4 *) or in the Spreewald Thermenhotel (4 *) including breakfast, free use of the sauna and bathing area of ​​the Spreewald Therme experience Price: from 499.00 per person in a double room Booking period: March & September It is said that during a boat trip in the magical labyrinth of the little water arms, your thoughts are free and your heart beats more calmly. In the boat of the senses you lie bedded on soft cushions, your gaze fixed on passing tree tops and the blue sky. In the idyll of the Burger nature, the viewer often sees enchanted views, even dancing dragonflies and the bright blue kingfisher can be discovered in the green of the shore. What could be nicer to rediscover the joy of nature and the enjoyment of life? The richly mineralized thermal brine, which gushes from the mysterious depths of meters, provides natural well-being with wellness in the Spreewald style. Experience their relaxing effect in the Burger Spreewald Therme with fragrant oils, Spreewald algae and hot saunas. In the spa town of Burg, you can relax from everyday life according to your taste - conscious breathing with flowing movements to the Spreewald Qi Gong, relaxing imaginary journeys to soothing singing bowls and gently gliding along the flow while doing yoga on a modern SUP board. Simply recharge your batteries and enjoy the original Spreewald. Further information: Burg im Spreewald Tourist Information Office Am Hafen 6, Burg (Spreewald) Tel .: BurgimSpreewald Organizer: Burg (Spreewald) Office, Hauptstrasse 46, Burg (Spreewald). Photos: Tourist Information Burg (Spreewald), photographer: Ron Petraß

12 NEWS Joining ODEG on our new careers page makes it easy to find a job SINCE THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER 2019 THE ODEG CAREER PORTAL HAS BEEN UNDER ODEG-KARRIERE.DE ONLINE With just a few clicks, interested parties can find the right job for them at ODEG find and apply directly. The homepage offers a quick overview and direct access to vacancies, occupational fields and information about the company. A modern design and the intuitive page structure support the search. A mix of image and video elements, infographics and best practice examples make the ODEG a multi-track experience for prospective applicants. Interested parties can get an authentic picture of our corporate values ​​and the familiar corporate culture. The user-friendly navigation helps you to simply click back and forth on the respective pages. There are several entry points to get to the current vacancies: the job description tab, the slider elements, the search field for job and city or the job fields tiles. In addition, you can find current trade fair dates and an overview of the ODEG route network. 12th

13 NEWS Our most important functions TARGETED SEARCH Where do you want your professional journey to go? Applicants can use the search mask to access the current job vacancies. Interested parties get an insight into the respective profession and can apply directly for vacancies. WE AS AN EMPLOYER A company with many advantages and family-friendly structures. In this section we introduce ourselves and show why it is worth working for us. JOB-TICKER Another new feature is the job ticker, which informs interested applicants who have not found a suitable position about new positions. OUR TEAM In short profiles, employees tell of their careers.Find out in this section how trainer Ruben Dinis came to his position and how long the management assistant Jacqueline Hünerasky and locksmith Wiego Pissowotzki have been with us. FAQ Why, why, why the most frequently asked questions about the company and the application process are answered in the FAQ section. Advertisement GARDEN FESTIVAL PARK & SCHLOSS BRANITZ PÜCKLERS GOLDEN FRÜCHTE May 2020 Historical palace gardening Inspired by Prince Pückler, the garden festival will transform the historical palace gardening from 22 to 24 May 2020 into a paradise for garden enthusiasts and is celebrating Pückler's garden culture for the 10th time. If you are looking for something special for your garden, you will find it. Anyone who wants to enrich a relaxed day with culture and specialist knowledge will be happy. Fri o'clock; Sat & Sun o'clock COMPETITION Answer the following question and with a little luck you could win 3 1 weekend tickets for the garden festival Park & ​​Schloss Branitz. How many times does the garden festival celebrate Pückler's garden culture? Send an email with the correct answer and your contact details to or a postcard to ODEG, Redaktion o-ton, Möllendorffstraße 49, Berlin by May 4, 2020. Good luck! Photos Florian Bröcker 13

14 NEWS ODEG took over the RE9 and RE10 lines on the Baltic Sea coast On December 15, 2019, ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH successfully started operating the RE9 (Rostock Stralsund Binz / Sassnitz) and RE10 (Rostock Stralsund Züssow) lines in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . For a total of around 1.8 million train kilometers per year, a contract period of two years has been agreed for the time being. VMV - Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has awarded the contract directly to the ODEG and continues to place its trust in the largest private railway in eastern Germany and a signal for the railway industry. At the start of operations, six Desiro ML (Cityjet) locomotives operated by ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) were used. In February, vehicle acceptance and handover of the vehicle fleet specially built by Siemens, including the Desiro ML type, began. The new trains will gradually be used on the 148 kilometers of the RE9 and RE10. The RE9 (Rostock Stralsund Binz / Sassnitz) runs in the Rostock Hbf Stralsund Hbf section every two hours. During rush hour, the RE10 trains increase the frequency between the two main hubs. Attention: The additional trains do not stop at all stations. At the main stations in Rostock and Stralsund there are connections in all and from all directions. At peak times, the trains between Stralsund Hbf and Ostseebad Binz or Sassnitz run every hour, in the off-peak hours sometimes every two hours. Individual trains run between June 20, 2020 and September 5, 2020 in seasonal traffic. Trains run every hour between Stralsund Hbf and Lietzow. From Lietzow they run alternately every two hours to Binz or Sassnitz. The RE10 (Rostock Stralsund Züssow) runs every two hours between Stralsund Hbf and Züssow. It will run on this route for the first time since the new timetable began in 2020. This section was previously served by the RB23. Parallel to the RE10, the RE3 is being added between Stralsund and Züssow, which means an hourly connection. Important note for off-peak drivers: The last train from and the first train to Stralsund Hbf only go to and from Greifswald. The corresponding timetables can be found at 14

15 NEWS It's under construction! The infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn AG and private infrastructure operators is expanded and maintained on a daily basis. Below you will find a selection of the most important timetable changes associated with this. All restrictions and construction work on the ODEG lines can be found on You can also use our free newsletter for your line. Line Period Section Restriction Type of work Replacement measure RB65 Still to Hagenwerder <> Zittau Failure of track and bridge work RE Nauen <> Berlin Failure of relief trains Track work RE2 RE Grabow <> Ludwigslust Failure of some trains on a few days Track work RE Nauen <> Berlin Failure of relief trains Track work RE2 RB Berlin-Wannsee <> Michendorf failure approx. 08: 00-18: 00 Platform work Replacement traffic with buses Replacement traffic with buses Replacement traffic with buses, RE7 RB Hoyerswerda <> Niesky / Horka Failure of track work Replacement traffic with buses RE Berlin-Spandau <> Falkensee diversions and delays Track work, trains and additional stop Dallgow-Döberitz RE Stralsund <> Greifswald Track work failure, replacement traffic with buses, RE3 RB Lübben <> Cottbus failure of some trains Signal box work, replacement service with buses, RE2 RE Berlin Ostkreuz <> Berlin-Lichtenberg Interruption of the track work S -Bahn RE Stralsund <> Greifswald Track works fail Replacement traffic with buses, RE3 RE Stralsund <> Züssow failure of track work Replacement traffic with buses, RE3 RB Crivitz <> Plate failure of individual trains in the evening Track work replacement services with buses 2020 The most important ODEG dates at a glance Qualification of service employees in local transport (m / f / d ) June 8, 2020 Berlin August 31, 2020 Berlin November 30, 2020 Berlin train driver qualification (m / f / d) March 16, 2020 Schwerin May 11, 2020 Berlin July 13, 2020 Brandenburg an der Havel September 14, 2020 Cottbus Special trips May 2020 Hamburg July 4, 2020 Hamburg July 25, 2020 Stralsund / Binz August 8, 2020 Rostock / Warnemünde September 26, 2020 Meißen October 10, 2020 Weimar December 5, 2020 Dresden / Königstein December 12, 2020 Erfurt / Eisenach December 19, 2020 Bremen General events March 19, 2020 Kick & Work training fair March 28, 2020 Ostbahnhof travel market April 17, 2020 KOMM RUM day in the ZVON May 20, 2020 Pankow & Lichtenberg training day June 2020 Vocatium fair Berlin June 29 to July 5, 2020 Cottbus June 15, 2020

16 News from your transport region The new Cottbus main station with five PlusBus lines a central transport hub for the region The Cottbus main station presents itself with its new forecourt as a central transport hub for Lusatia. After the renovation work, passengers will find significantly shorter routes to change, coordinated timetables, the highest standards of accessibility and better passenger information. Short-distance train station All means of transport are centrally accessible. The tram stop and the bus station can be found directly on the new forecourt. The continuous tunnel brings you comfortably from the northern city center to the platforms and the forecourt. There are numerous parking spaces for bicycles and cars. Barrier-free access All platforms, the renovated tunnel, the elevators and the forecourt now meet the current standards for barrier-free access. Better informed On the platforms, in the tunnel and on the forecourt, digital display boards provide real-time information. The new ticket machines can be found in the forecourt and at the northern exit of the tunnel. Better connections The transport offer will be expanded by four additional PlusBus lines based on the quality criteria of the PlusBus concept: regular hourly service, weekend traffic and rail connections with a maximum of 15 minutes transition time. In addition to the PlusBus line 800 (Cottbus Hoyerswerda), which has been on the road since January 2019, line 47 has been running from Cottbus to Burg according to the new PlusBus timetable since October 2019. Lines 849 (Cottbus Döbern), 851 (Forst Döbern) and 858 (Forst Guben) have been supplementing the PlusBus Lausitz network since November 2019. The five PlusBus lines connect the Cottbus regional center with Burg, Hoyerswerda and Döbern on the one hand, and Forst with Guben and Döbern on the other. At the Cottbus, Forst or Spremberg train stations there are direct connections to the regional and Long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn with regular connections, including in the direction of Berlin. In Cottbus there is also always a connection to the city traffic by bus and tram. In addition, the buses from Forst to Döbern and from Forst to Guben will be upgraded to PlusBussen. Susanne Henckel, Managing Director of VBB, is pleased that more and more people are appreciating and making intensive use of the expanded offer: As a transport association, we have the task of connecting the entire VBB area well by bus and train. The PlusBus, connected to the new traffic junction HBF Cottbus, improve the mobility of the people and are an important building block for the successful turnaround! Further information can be found at Further information is available in the VBB Infocenter at and on 16 16

17 NEWS App works! The VBB bus & train app with mobile phone ticket and route planning. VBB-App Bus & Bahn Your individual transport companion The VBB-App Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn combines timetable information and ticket machines in one application. In addition to route planning in real time, you can buy mobile tickets for the entire VBB network and, since October 2019, pay conveniently via PayPal. The app is available free of charge in stores for tablets, ipads and smartphones. The possibilities within the app are as numerous as they are varied. You will find all the timetables for regional transport, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram, bus and ferry lines with more than 1,000 stops. With the Bring me to function, personal goals can be saved under icons, initials or your own pictures. If you want to travel from any location to a preset destination, just select the corresponding icon. All current departures in the vicinity, including a map section, will then be displayed. If desired, the app also saves routes and other settings, such as the choice of mode of transport, information on accessibility or taking bicycles with you. The delay alarm can be set precisely according to the length of the delay, day of the week and advance notification time. You can find all further information at Living, working, being mobile The housing and mobility cost calculator helps here. Which model is the cheapest move or commute? Regardless of whether you are familiar with the VBB-Land or are new to the region: The housing and mobility cost calculator calculates the daily commuting costs to work in relation to the housing costs for your individual household size. Among other things, the expenses for the use of cars, buses and trains are shown transparently. In addition, the daily travel times from different locations in the VBB area can be calculated individually. The free internet offer is available at 17

18 News from your transport region VMV relies on public participation in 2021 Preparations for the 2021 timetable are already in full swing. This must be registered with the railroad operators by mid-April, according to the legislature. Passengers should also have a direct say in the future timetable. VMV will provide information and drafts for the individual routes at from March 4, 2020. Interested parties can write down their tips and suggestions on the contact form. The past has shown that public participation leads to specific changes in the timetable. The newly introduced Saturday night trip of the RE2 from Schwerin to Wismar and the school train of the RB13 from Schwerin to Gadebusch are based on suggestions from citizens. Further information at Stendal becomes the main train station As the central hub for regional traffic, the Stendal train station was given a decisive prefix at the end of the year. As in Bernburg, Merseburg and Wernigerode, the addition of the main station has been the most important station in the city since the timetable change on December 15, 2019. This particularly helps those who are unfamiliar with the location to find their way around. Schönebeck (Elbe) Hbf and Halberstadt Hbf are to follow. Further information is available by telephone at and at 18

19 News from your transport region Boundless ZVON traveling cheaply as schoolchildren & Co. Learners benefit from particularly attractive offers at ZVON. But which ticket is suitable for whom? Monthly pass FLEXX solo This personal monthly pass is the ideal companion for schoolchildren, trainees and students. The FLEXX solo entitles you to travel on all means of transport in the entire ZVON network, as well as on SOEG trains. It can be used on school days from 12:00 p.m., on weekends, on public holidays and all school-free days in Saxony as well as all day during the holidays. The ticket is valid for one month from the first validation and costs 21 euros. SchülerFreizeitTicket The Free State of Saxony supports the ticket for pupils of general education schools with 14 euros each, so that it costs only 10 euros per month. It is only available by subscription for at least twelve consecutive months. The ticket is valid on school days from 2:00 p.m., all day on weekends, on public holidays, all school-free days in Saxony and during the holidays. The areas of use are the entire ZVON network and the SOEG trains. A valid customer card is required for use. SchülerFreizeitTicket plus FLEXX The SchülerFreizeitTicket plus FLEXX replaces the previous subscription monthly ticket FLEXX. For 18 euros a month, schoolchildren, trainees and students can travel on school days from 12:00 p.m. in the entire ZVON network and on SOEG trains. The ticket is valid all day in Saxony on weekends, on public holidays as well as during the school holidays and on all school-free days. It is only available by subscription for at least six consecutive months. A valid customer card is required for use. FerienTicket VVO / ZVON The FerienTicket VVO / ZVON is personal and is valid for persons under the age of 21 who are entitled to a discount during the summer holidays. For only 19 euros, all means of transport in the VVO and ZVON network areas, the SOEG trains and the Bad Muskau forest railway and almost all ferries can be used all day. The only exception: on weekdays from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., the holiday ticket is not valid. A bicycle can be taken with you free of charge with the FerienTicket VVO / ZVON. FerienTicket Sachsen For 30 euros there is mobility during the summer holidays with the FerienTicket Sachsen. It is valid on all buses, trams, local trains and on almost all ferries of the five transport associations MDV, VMS, VVO, VVV and ZVON. The usage requirements are the same as for the FerienTicket VVO / ZVON. All information is available at and Ticket SchülerFreizeitTicket SchülerFreizeitTicket plus FLEXX monthly ticket FLEXX solo FerienTicket VVO / ZVON FerienTicket Sachsen Price 10 / month 18 / month 21 / month 19 / month 30 / month Further information is available on the ZVON INFO telephone at (Mon. Fri .: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., free of charge from landlines and all cell phone networks) and on 19

20 COMPANIES TRAINING RAILWAYER IN OPERATING SERVICES: EVERYTHING AROUND OUR EiB TRAINEES I am a Kurd and came to Germany from Syria in 2015, then learned German and did my German Abitur. I like to take on responsibility and I am very reliable. 1st year of apprenticeship Aldi and Andrea are both in their 1st year of apprenticeship, their training began on September 1, 2019. They have 16 classmates in their cooperation class, 50 percent of the apprenticeship year are ODEG students, including girls for the first time! I became aware of ODEG through a friend who works as a student trainee at ODEG. I have applied for several EiB apprenticeships. The ODEG got back first and fortunately offered me a place. I like to jog. An application process at ODEG begins with a personal meeting and then the written test. The conversation is very relaxed, you just talk a bit about yourself and get to know the ODEG. WHAT ADVANTAGES DOES THE ODEG OFFER YOU? Collective apprenticeship allowance Further training opportunities Guaranteed employment if the qualification is good Aldi Shekhe, 22 I am fascinated by the railways. I only really came into contact with that in Germany. There is only one railway line in Syria. And I knew railroad workers were needed. What I particularly like about the training are the nice colleagues, the good trainers and being able to ride on our trains. 20th

21 COMPANY I like going to the gym and playing badminton. In January 2019 I successfully completed my carpentry apprenticeship at a company specializing in the interior construction of rail vehicles. Andrea Kloidt, 23 I wanted more responsibility and no longer to be in the workshop, but to drive what I produced myself. I was extremely happy when I was able to convince with my nature, my skills and my career in an interview at ODEG. #girlswelcome This is what an apprenticeship day looks like with us: When we are on the ODEG routes, we have to go to the registration office to start work. If we have company lessons at ODEG, the day starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Vocational school is every two to three weeks, always for one week. I could have made the career changer. But someone told me that the eleven-month qualification is particularly time-consuming. Since I had just moved to Berlin, it was clear to me that I would also like to have some free time to study in peace. I am very happy to take on responsibility. For example, I volunteered to support the coach in badminton. What I particularly like about the training is the ride in the driver's cab. WHAT ADVANTAGES DOES THE ODEG OFFER YOU? Teaching materials are completely new The exchange, since the training takes place in a network After the training, I get a secure job and an open-ended employment contract 21

22 COMPANY 2.Apprenticeship I am suitable for the EiB training because I can work in shifts, I am not afraid of responsibility and I have a technical understanding. I am in the youth consecration association and I am politically involved. Regional transport has the advantage that, unlike freight or long-distance transport, you have a lot of contact with people and can always sleep in your own bed. In addition, at ODEG you are not just a number. I graduated from high school in 2018 and then went straight to ODEG. In my cooperation class I have ten classmates, three of whom are also from ODEG. Railway is my passion. I've always liked to play train simulations on the PC via the online application. As a small child, I and my family regularly watched the trains at Lichtenberg train station, including those of the ODEG. What I like about the training is that we do practical trips. We travel a lot and even during our apprenticeship we learn what you will do later. You get to know a lot of colleagues and the entire ODEG route network and have a varied everyday life. just send a resume and cover letter. In my cover letter I mentioned my passion for the railroad and that I had once completed an internship at BVG. In the selection interview, I talked about it again with two ODEG employees. The conversation lasted about 20 minutes for me. It was very relaxed. David Kla w o w n 19 to become a train driver is a childhood dream for me. I like the fact that as a train driver you take on a lot of responsibility, which is very appealing. At ODEG, I'm class spokesman, not only for the four of us from ODEG, but also in the cooperation class with EGP and cantus and in the vocational school class. I also take responsibility in my clubs. WHAT BENEFITS DOES THE ODEG OFFER YOU? During the apprenticeship you are traveling all over Germany, then the overnight stays and the trip are organized by the ODEG and of course the costs are also taken over. Vacation days Extremely collegial togetherness

23 COMPANY As a train driver, you help people get to and from work every morning and evening. I'm with the volunteer fire brigade and I like weight training. I graduated from high school in 2017 and then started directly at ODEG in September of the same year. I was interested in training with the railroad and the professional fire brigade. I wanted a professional qualification and the EiB training fits my interest in technology. I also enjoy driving. However, pilot training would have been too expensive. I came across the ODEG website on the Internet. The offer of attractive apprenticeship pay, work close to home and help with looking for an apartment appealed to me very much and convinced me. My favorite tasks are preparing the vehicles and driving the train. K il ia n K ra u s e, 20 I particularly like the practical learning at ODEG, the good, understandable trainers, the family atmosphere and the close contact with our ODEG contacts. APPLY NOW FOR 2020 Your contacts at ODEG: Ka ren Walk ow sk i Ralp h-b otho Orsc hel 3rd year of apprenticeship I am suitable as an EiB because I am reliable and resilient. I like to work shifts and I like being out and about in different places. Punctuality and a reliable appearance are essential for the railroad. Good math and physics grades are an advantage. And you can't be color blind. APPLY NOW! Further training at ODEG: Mecha tron ​​iker (m / f / d) Person al service ser vice salesman (m / f / d) Buyer for office ana gem ent (m / f / d) 23

24 PARTNERS Our affair of the heart: SOS Children's Village Berlin and the embassy for children Since summer 2019, ODEG has been a cooperation partner of the SOS Children's Village Berlin and the embassy for children. But what is actually behind these two names? 24 How it all started right from the start After the Second World War, Hermann Gmeiner founded the Societas Socialis, or SOS for short. It was his deep wish that all children in this world could grow up under humane conditions, regardless of their religious, ethnic and social origin. Based on the assumption that one's own family is the best place for children's development, Gmeiner invented the Children's Village family as a model and home for children who do not grow up with their own parents. While the majority of the children were orphans back then, today it is mainly those who live in Kinderdorf families whose parents, for various reasons, cannot give them a loving home.

25 PARTNERS SOS in Berlin the first village in the city Since 2002 the SOS Children's Village Berlin has been the first children's village in a major German city. Until then, SOS Children's Villages could only be found in rural areas. In addition to the children's village families, the facilities offer many other child and youth welfare services. In the large family center in Moabit, parenting and family counseling is also offered. The open cafeteria invites you to chat and share meals. A daycare center with a spacious play area and an extensive program of family education courses with an art workshop and gymnastics rooms complete the offer. In addition, there are school-related offers, training and qualifications. This gives disadvantaged young people the chance to gain a foothold in office management, gastronomy, housekeeping or gardening and landscaping. The message for children a strong voice more In addition, SOS-Kinderdorf e. V the message for children. This should be a meeting place. Children, young people, politicians, organizations and citizens can talk to each other here. The aim of the message is to find a hearing for the concerns of the children on a political level, so that the living conditions for young people and families improve in the long term. The embassy is located very close to Berlin Central Station, together with the Hotel Rossi. The modern building is not only a hotel, restaurant and conference center, but also an inclusive business. Half of the work here is made up of people with disabilities. Support yourself with a donation to: SOS Children's Villages Berlin Berliner Sparkasse IBAN DE BIC BELADEBEXXX Founded on February 8, 1955 in Munich 2017, around 600 children and young people lived in an SOS Children's Village family In Germany there are 38 SOS Children's Village facilities Founders: Hermann Gmeiner (), an Austrian educator Employee: in Germany There are SOS Children's Village facilities in 135 countries worldwide. Further information: & 25

26 INTERVIEW Rolf Zuckowski Stups, the little Easter bunny, In the Christmas bakery or How nice that you were born, almost everyone knows Rolf Zuckowski's songs. He was born in Hamburg in 1947, has received several awards for his works and is one of the most successful German artists. 26th

27 INTERVIEW Dear Mr. Zuckowski, what made you decide to make music especially for children and families? I became a father at the age of 24, my wife was 21. Even then, music was an important part of our lives and I played in bands. When our daughter started to sing, we were very touched. However, I noticed that many of the songs she sang had little to do with her own life. So I began to sing about her everyday life, her wishes, dreams and fears with her by the hand. You are the father of a daughter and two sons. What did you pay attention to in raising your children? My wife and I have always been very united in our upbringing. It was important to us that our children gain healthy self-confidence, but also find the balance between being courageous and not overestimating themselves. We gave them a lot of freedom, they were allowed to try out a lot. Perseverance was also important to us when you start something, you don't give up straight away. In addition, we always tried to be honest with one another, showed our children how we felt and did not play it away when we were sad. And I think reliability is another important value. You had your breakthrough on the radio with Du. A lot has changed since then. What does this mean for your work? The radio is no longer my most important ally. It was completely different in 1981, you on the radio ran on almost every station. Anyone who wants to hear me in all my bandwidth today will find everything from me on the streaming services. I see it positively because it allows me to be individually audible and perceived worldwide. But I've actually come back to the origin, my songs are sung, played and performed again, for example as a musical. What is your everyday life like today? My days are always very different. I'm on the road two or three times a week. Otherwise, my everyday professional life is heavily influenced by phone calls and emails. You can manage your office using your smartphone. That's why I sometimes do it from the armchair in the living room. This is how work mixes with private life. I am also represented on Instagram and Facebook, my team supports me here. This is how I stay in touch with people. And of course there is still a lot of music in my everyday life, for example at dinner with my wife or when other artists send me their demo CDs. You have received several awards for your social commitment. Which projects do you support? It all started with the SOS Children's Village in Lütjenburg. It was there that I met Hermann Gmeiner and was very impressed by this down-to-earth man who set up such an impressive global aid organization. I then have a whole tour for Ad BioHotel Burg Lenzen Days, Enjoyment, Experience Nature in the Biosphere Reserve River Landscape Elbe s Historical Castle School Photo: R. Häfke Wild horses in the river landscape MädelsZeit 2 nights with half board, coffee & cake, cocktail & wine from 195 p.p. Room prices including breakfast double room from 120; Single rooms from 72 Conference packages from 168 (overnight stays / FB) Further travel offers under 40 stylish rooms in the castle hotel and historical castle school Event rooms & sun terraces Visitor center with exhibition Romantic castle park with AuenReich & NaturPoesieGarten N & U, Burgstr. 3, Lenzen Tel .:

28 INTERVIEW the SOS Children's Villages was in the mid-eighties. Due to the great success of the album December Dreams, we were able to finance a house in Osijek in Croatia that was one of the first children's villages after the fall of the Wall. In addition, I have almost family ties to the Erich Kästner Children's Village and support harp lessons there, among other things. What challenges me most and most regularly is my own foundation Children need music. Our most important project is called A Class Trip to Music. They also produce music for adults. What is your album, released in 2019, Welcome to Reality, A Zeitgeist Reise? You travel with me through 20 or 30 years and you can think for yourself: How did I perceive that? For example the increasing restlessness that things are getting faster and that there is too little time for many things that would actually be nice. Or the topic of over-information. At concerts you can immerse yourself for an hour or two while the wild world is silent. Finding an island of security in music is a big issue for me. Which heart projects do you have planned for 2020? I am happy when I stay healthy. My wife and I would like to redesign our rooms a little after 15 to 20 years. And I'm working on a book that tells how my songs were created. I might even be able to cope with that in 2020. Rolf Zuckowski Enjoy offline time on the subject of traveling by train and read a lot more than I can manage at home, because I'm alone on the train and I am hardly disturbed or interrupted ... Music My most important elixir of life, because it helps me to find myself but also to exchange ideas with others and to experience encounters that would not be possible without music .... Children with a double broken ankle in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg have children by the hand at the big tour finale of the anniversary tour 2017 with choir children from the Elbkinderland, also means always having the future at hand. That means we can dare to look into the future with children. But we also have to live with them in the here and now, because childhood is not the waiting room of life, as the pediatrician Janusz Korczak has already said, but every day is irretrievable. 28

29 INTERVIEW Starting the qualification to become a train driver or service employee in local transport (m / f / d)! We train you! Also suitable for career changers 50+. ODEG Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH is the largest private railway in eastern Germany. Your advantages at a glance: Starting salary for train drivers from surcharges Start of qualification for service staff in local transport: Starting salary for service staff in local transport from surcharges Start and end of duty at the same place 34 days of vacation for a 40-hour period -Week start of the qualifications to become a train driver: / Long-term shift planning Duty plan 6 weeks in advance Annual rest day plan Annual special payments Education voucher desirable! Apply now at 29

30 SPECIAL ARTICLE Strong as a bear for children WITH THE ODEG FAMILY-FRIENDLY ON THE ROAD Whether in the Regioshuttle RS1, Desiro Classic, Desiro ML, GTW 2/6 or KISS, the ODEG brings hundreds of children and young people to their destination every day. Many of them travel alone and use the train for their way to school or to visit friends and relatives. The new seaside destinations have been particularly nice for day trips or holidays with the family. Since December 2019, the ODEG has also been traveling on the RE9 and RE10 along the Baltic Sea coast (e.g. to Rostock, Binz and Sassnitz). Always there when the train is rolling: our friendly service staff in local transport. They are helpful companions on every journey and ensure first-class service on board all ODEG trains. They provide information on travel times, help with getting on and off with a walker or stroller and sometimes even help with tricky homework. An insider tip for our little passengers: our ODEG employees often have a surprise in their pockets. On the next trip, your child could ask about popular companions such as gummy bears, coloring books, craft train or the children's ticket. But watch out: our service staff only has as much with them as they can carry. For all those who go away empty-handed: In the online shop at there are lots of fan articles and collectibles and they are not just a delight for children. Finally, a quick career idea: Do you like varied tasks and enjoy working with people from young to old? in this case, we got the right thing for you. The ODEG is looking for reinforcements on the train. Become a service employee in local transport and put a smile on the faces of small and large passengers. 30th