How to bake homemade bread

Basic recipe for rustic farmer's bread

There's nothing like homemade bread! Even if you have to bring a lot of effort and patience, the crispy Laiber rewards are enough.


Serving size: For 1 bread (approx. 20 slices)



  1. Mix 100 g of wheat flour with 100 ml of water and a third of the yeast in a bowl. Cover the pre-dough and put it in the refrigerator for approx. 24 hours.
  2. Take the pre-dough out of the refrigerator approx. 1 hour before baking. Mix the pre-dough, remaining wheat flour, remaining yeast, rye flour, sourdough, honey and caraway seeds in the food processor with a dough hook on the lowest setting. Slowly pour in 180 ml of lukewarm water. Then knead the dough for about 5 minutes on a medium setting. If necessary, work in up to 30 ml more water, the dough should have a dry, inelastic consistency. Finally knead in the salt for approx. 2 minutes.
  3. Put the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with cling film and let rest in a warm place for about 1 hour. Fold the edges of the dough inwards several times with a dough card, so that tension is created in the dough. Then let the dough rise again for about 1 hour.
  4. Then work the dough round on the floured work surface. To do this, press the dough flat, fold the edge on one side to the middle and press it into place. Turn the dough a little and fold it back to the middle. Continue like this all the way around until the dough has good tension and is evenly round. Then turn the dough over and roll it around on the work surface. Place the seam down in the floured proofing basket, cover with a damp kitchen towel and let the dough rise for another 45-60 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, place the pizza stone on the oven shelf (2nd rail from the bottom) and preheat it in the oven to 250 °. Preheat a saucepan in the oven (below). Do the pressure test and let the dough rise a little longer if necessary.
  6. Turn the loaf out onto a floured board, sprinkle with water and sprinkle with flour. Push the loaf onto the pizza stone, put the ice cubes in the pan and bake the bread for about 15 minutes. Turn the oven back to 220 °, remove the pan and finish baking the bread in approx. 25 minutes. Do the knock test and let the bread cool down on a wire rack.

You can find the recipe for the sourdough here: Basic sourdough recipe

Make the pressure test

The pressure test is used to test whether a bread dough has already risen sufficiently. To do this, briefly press approx. 1 cm deep into the dough with your thumb. If it springs back three quarters of the way, it is ripe for baking. If the dough bounces back more or less strongly, it has over- or under-proof.

Do the knock test

The knock test shows whether the bread is baked through. To do this, knock on the underside. If it sounds hollow, the bread is ready and can be taken out of the oven.

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