How are ATMs managed by a bank


IN2RETAIL: an independent ATM provider.

The ATM industry has developed noticeably in recent years. While ATMs used to be owned by a bank, they are increasingly being managed by independent companies.


Step 1: Assess the situation - you want to place one or more ATMs. After taking stock of your wishes, we will visit you. We can then gain a precise overview of your situation. An ATM weighs between 500 and 1,000 kg, which means that certain structural requirements must be met. That is why we always start with an on-site inspection and a floor inspection.

Step 2: Determining the location - Determining the correct, strategically most favorable location for the ATM naturally depends on the situation. The starting point is the view and the free passage to the machine. Our consultant will advise you on site in order to determine the technically and economically optimal location.

Step 3: Decide Which Machine - For most businesses, a lobby machine will work best. These machines only take up about one square meter (1 m2) of floor space. Up to approx. Two square meters (2m2) of floor space are required for the installation of wall machines. In principle, no building permit is required for the installation of a so-called lobby machine. However, if you choose a "wall version", permits may be required. We take over this process completely and arrange the necessary documents.

Step 4: Security Class and Insurance Waiver - An ATM contains large amounts of cash and must therefore meet certain security requirements. We also set up machines at the regular banks and know all the specifics of security. In2Retail supplies ATMs in various security classes: They can be equipped with cash cassettes with ink protection, camera surveillance, gas detection (puncture protection) and other more stringent security measures. Our vending machines are also secured by their own security alarm system outside those of our customers. Together with your consultant, you choose the security class for the ATM (s) to be installed. This determines the final choice of insurance.

Step 5: Confirmation contract - If you opt for a normally secured ATM without advertising, we will arrange a full service contract with you. You will receive the "complete package" for this. We take care of everything for you. From installation and delivery to servicing and maintenance. All you have to do is focus on your primary business activities. In short, the IN2Retail full service contract is completely free and straightforward.

Step 6: Management and Service - Where there is a lot of money, there are risks. IN2Retail has therefore made a conscious decision to keep the management of the entire value chain of the ATMs in its own hands. That means that we also coordinate the money supply. In this way we ensure that you do not take any unnecessary risks and that we continue to comply with the legal requirements.

We monitor our ATMs remotely and in real time. We know when the cash boxes need to be refilled. We can immediately identify malfunctions or irregularities in individual ATMs. IN2Retail coordinates the money supply and security in close cooperation with CIT partners (Cash in Transport): Cash transporters. The content of the safe (the money) is their responsibility, while the maintenance and management is carried out by our own fitters. For maintenance work on the machine and especially in the event of a malfunction, a quick and smooth switch to our partners is a must. Thanks to our longstanding relationships, we have easy access to the necessary systems and our mechanics can quickly resolve unexpected machine failures.