What are superstitions about two dollar bills

"Superstition is the poetry of life"

At least that's what Goethe once said. The article by Marcel Graf shows which superstitions are widespread in the world today. Have fun traveling through the world of superstition.

Afghanistan: If your hand itches, you get money. If your soles itch, you're going to travel.

Belgium: Brussels Airlines initially had a logo that consisted of 13 dots that formed the letter "b". Italian and American passengers in particular complained that it consisted of 13 orange dots. That's why the airline added a point to the logo.

France: The leg you kick the cat with gives you rheumatism.

Iceland: If something is spilled, a drunken guest will soon arrive.

Kyrgyzstan: A woman sitting on a table in a corner will not marry.

Korea / China / Japan: The 4th and 14th floors are mostly left out in Korea. In China and Japan, the number "4" is pronounced similarly to the word "death".

Mexico: To find a friend, women have to buy a statue of San Antonio. You have to light a candle in front of the upside-down statue and pray every day for two weeks: Then it will work out with your friend.

Peru: You welcome the New Year by holding the door open for a while.

Russia: Before traveling, you should sit down briefly on your suitcase or alternatively walk around the block with an empty suitcase.

Sweden: If you pick seven or nine different flowers on a summer evening and put them under your pillow, you should dream of your future partner that night.

Thailand: Number 6 can turn everything around. Great luck can turn into bad luck, as the 6 turns into a 9. If you have a 6 on the Legi, you can get a bad grade, even though you have mastered the exam perfectly.

Turkey: If you stand between two people with the same name, you should make a wish, because this wish will come true.

Venezuela: When the street is swept, you see many young women changing the sidewalk. Because you will never get married if a broom is swung over your feet.

United States: A two-dollar bill brings bad luck to poker. To get rid of it, a corner will have to be torn off. If you get a note with all corners torn off, you have to destroy it immediately.