What was your most interesting encounter with the police

Memory is a form of encounter

Under the motto "Remembrance is a form of encounter", the central memorial for the police officers of the Rhineland-Palatinate police who died on duty was opened by Interior Minister Roger Lewentz on November 2nd, 2018.


The police hosted the central nationwide memorial service at the new memorial for the first time on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. Numerous relatives, survivors and colleagues of the killed police officers, but also representatives of the police authorities, the state parliament and from the judiciary, politics and society attended the ceremony in the conference center of the university and showed appreciation and respect.

“We are very pleased that our invitation received such a great response from relatives and colleagues. The contact with you is important to us and the many conversations on the phone or your emails and letters show us that you are grateful for this memorial to the Rhineland-Palatinate police and for this central day of remembrance. ”- said the director of the university, Friedel Durben , in his greeting.


As an indication that this place is accepted, according to the head of the authorities, candles or grave lights can often be found on the stele. He added that over the past few months you have repeatedly been able to meet students in conversation, entire study groups in courses or even people who pause at the memorial.

In his address, the inspector of the Rhineland-Palatinate Police, Jürgen Schmitt, emphasized his gratitude that no new name had been added in the past year. It is surely strange to assume that this will never happen again - but at least in the past few months the police and all relatives have been spared the suffering of another loss - the gratitude for this is part of the respectful remembrance in the central commemoration.

The ceremony was co-organized by police chaplain Hubertus Kesselheim and the brass ensemble of the state police orchestra.


Kesselheim reflected on the biblical thought: “Everything has its time, and that in this ceremony there is again the time of the meeting from memory.” He emphasized that death is always a relationship event, that the biographies of people and families are like that often existentially changed. It is important that the police show a deep appreciation for them and their relatives in the annual commemoration of the officers who died on duty.

After a prayer on the main stele, students of the university laid a wreath with the police inspector, Jürgen Schmitt, the director of the university, Friedel Durben, and the chairman of the main police staff council, Sabrina Kunz, in memory of the colleagues who were killed. The ceremony ended with discussions and encounters in the conference center.