How do I keep a domain

Park, cancel, switch? What you can do with domains that you no longer need

The number of visitors to your webshop is good, but it is not generating the profit you were hoping for? You regularly fed your travel blog from your student days with adventures, but now there is no time for that? We'll explain what you can do with the remaining domain.

Option 1: keep the domain and protect data protection

Imagine if you could give away website traffic. In fact, this is not at all absurd - because if you delete your domain, it will be freely available on the market again after the mandatory blocking period.

That sounds harmless at first. But it is possible that someone else will quickly re-register the domain - and with it an e-mail address that you may have used to communicate with your users. Third parties can not only benefit from your former domain visitors, but also intercept sensitive data at the same time.

Simply deleting a domain is therefore not always the best solution. This is also shown by this example from the Netherlands.

Option 2: "Park" the domain

You certainly don't want to continue using your domain, but you don't want to take any risks? Before you delete a domain and thus release it for reassignment, you should therefore consider "parking" it. The best thing to do is to switch your domain to the smallest possible domain package. The domain and your mail traffic will be retained.

In this way, you play it safe when it comes to data protection and prevent possible annoyance, should you later decide to continue operating your website. Because if your former domain of choice is newly assigned, you start with new ones to build up a visitor base for your website. A better alternative is to replace your website with a landing page with your contact details, for example. You can easily set up a temporary business card in the STRATO customer login.

Option 3: cancel the domain

If you are sure that you do not want to keep either the domain or the mail package, you can request the deletion of your entire package. The easiest way for you to do this is online. Then we will initiate everything else: We cancel your package at STRATO and inform the relevant registry - for example DENIC.

Please note: Immediately after the end of your contract period, your mailboxes will no longer work. Therefore, make sure that you have secured any correspondence that is still relevant to you beforehand. If the storage space is a little tight, a flexible mail space can help.

Option 4: Cancel without deleting - change provider

If you want to switch to another provider with your domain, all you have to do is cancel your package with the current provider. He then prepares the domain for the move. He will provide you with a so-called AuthCode for this. You can find more information about changing providers here.

In this case, too, do not forget to switch before the end of the contract period. Otherwise, the respective registry comes into play, which can bill you for the administration of your domain.