What would be a perfect family gift

The perfect gift: Here's how

Status: December 16, 2020 2:11 p.m.

"Oh God - what am I giving away for Christmas?" Most of us face this panic question at Christmas time. We do not want to withhold from you the really well-founded scientific knowledge on the question of what actually makes the perfect gift.

Researchers in the US have investigated what makes the perfect gift and what mistakes are made when giving away. The most important finding: Many donors do not put themselves in the role of the recipient. They give away things that have a big effect the moment they are unpacked - maybe an inflatable unicorn chair - but will almost certainly end up in the basement at some point. In contrast, gifts that have a real use are much better. A kettle or a bedding set may sound boring at first, but the recipient will benefit from it in the long term.

The solution: the combined gift

The scientists' hot tip is: combine gift ideas. A practical part with a funny gimmick is given away. Shared experiences, for example, are generally well received. In combination with something "you can touch" it becomes a really good gift. For inspiration, we have a few examples for you here.


For the exhausted

A new sauna towel is actually not that exciting. Together with a voucher for the sauna, but the perfect combination. Anyway, shared experiences are a great gift. Even if you don’t have anything at the moment of giving.


For sporty people

A backpack might sound a bit unimaginative, but a hike together turns it into a small event. Wonderful!


For couples

Bow ties or ties are actually a no-go for Christmas. However, if you add a voucher for a dinner together, you are absolutely on the winning road.


For planners

A calendar also sounds pretty boring. But if a joint event is already entered on one page of the calendar, it is a nice surprise (the visit of the in-laws does not fall into this category, however). So let your creativity run wild.


For music nerds

A CD from your favorite artist is not exactly very creative. If your wallet allows it, pack your tickets for the concert in question (of course only as soon as it is possible again) and it will become a great gift.


For health freaks

Giving away a blender can be quite a faux pas. In principle, you shouldn't give someone household appliances as a present - unless you specifically ask for it. A mixer in combination with the ingredients for the perfect smoothie, on the other hand, is really fun because you can get started right away.

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