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Web Design Week on Psdtuts ++ You can now sell Photoshop templates through ThemeForest

For as long as I can remember, we have had requests for further web design contributions here on Psdtuts +. Well, web design fans, it's your lucky day because all week we bring you articles and tutorials on the subject. What's the occasion? Well, our sister site ThemeForest is adding a new section - Photoshop Templates - which means you can now sell your direct Photoshop designs through ThemeForest.

The huge schedule of the week!

Since I am notorious for planning and promising tutorials that I will forget all the way through, this time around I made up my mind to write them all in advance. Reader, here is the schedule for the posts to visit, they are all (mainly). finished and loaded in WordPress:

  • Monday - How does a texture transform into a seamlessly tiled background?
  • Monday # 2 - How to combine a simple layout with patterns, photos and backgrounds
  • Tuesday - The 3 components of good web design
  • Tuesday # 2 - 9 Information Design Tips to Improve the Web Designer
  • Wednesday - Photoshop Paper Texture from scratch and use it to create a Grungy Web Design!
  • Thursday - 8 Ideas, Techniques, and Tricks for Your Web Design Toolkit
  • Thursday # 2 - 14 Quick and Slick Portfolio Templates (via ThemeForest)
  • Friday - Redesign cliff notes on a website - Tips and thoughts from the Creattica Inspire design
  • Saturday - 6 User Interface Design Tips Every Web Designer Should Know
  • Monday - Five Glances, One Layout: How to Build a Library of Web Design Styles at Your Fingertips
  • Monday - € 25,000 competition, Score ThemeForest Cash by commenting

As you can see, it's going to be a hell of a week on Psdtuts + that ends in a big sweepstakes 2,500 psdtuts + readers will get credit to their accounts to try the site out (which of course means it's a good time to have files for sale).

Who am I?

Since advice is only as good as the person who gives it, I thought I should quickly mention who I am. My name is Collis! I have a love of exclamation marks and have been working as a web designer for about 5 or 6 years now. I design all of the Envato sites like this one you see right now, and previously I was a freelancer and designer for an interactive agency in Sydney. I don't know everything about web design, but not even remotely. So by the time you're reading this week's articles and tutorials, feel free to send yourself in with a comment on your thoughts and how things could be done better!

... And please excuse all exclamation marks. I try to remember to cut them out - I really do, but that's what I'm talking about right now. Everything, especially the web design, always looks so exciting :-)

The first article will appear in about 2 minutes! So, enjoy Web Design Week, hopefully we can make it an annual tradition. If you're interested in selling your work through ThemeForest, read on to find out more!

Earn extra batter, sell your designs ... over and over again

If you haven't seen ThemeForest before, I probably don't get my job done (I'm in charge of the marketing!). So you should go over immediately to avoid trouble. The website allows you to buy and sell website templates in three forms:

  1. Photoshop Designs - A series of PSD files
  2. HTML Templates - Current web templates
  3. CMS Designs - Ready-made and customizable designs for CMS like WordPress, Blogger, and more

Anyone with some talent can sell their work and earn some extra income (see this article - How to Make $ 2,000 Without Doing Very Much) at a pretty big paycheck (see 9 Tips for Maximizing a Steady Stream of Income) by selling Shares). You're actually selling a license to use the design or template, which means you can sell the same item over and over again. This is the benefit of creating a passive income stream that doesn't get out of hand for a few months or years after you quit work.

ThemeForest was only recently launched and most authors have few articles in their portfolios. Still, there are already four writers making more than a thousand a month. And that number will only increase as more people are introduced to the site and the author portfolios grow. Every time you sell an item, you receive a piece of the cash that ranges from 25% to 50% of the sale. This depends on whether you are selling elsewhere and how good you are. On top of that, if you refer customers, you will receive an additional 50% through the referral program.

You may be thinking, hey, I'm a web designer. Why don't I just make a website to sell my own items? What ThemeForest offers is a service to make selling easier. When you sell your templates with us, all you have to do is upload them. We handle payments, refunds, marketing, hosting, and pretty much everything but the actual templates themselves. We bring thousands of buyers to our related FlashDen and AudioJungle marketplaces, as well as a solid, easy-to-use website and system. And if you find that selling templates turns you into a mint, you can always set up your own shop later.

Another common question is why the low%. In fact, there are similar (competing) marketplaces for both Flash and Themes, and these offer higher commission rates than FlashDen and ThemeForest (50% - 60% from storage). So you think that logically would mean more income, right? No, we work very hard to make sure our sites benefit writers and I am confident that you will find that you can get by far the best result sold through the Envato Marketplaces. Even so, I always encourage everyone to do their research and find the best solution for you. And we will keep working hard to make sure we are the best solution :-)

Ready to Sell Your Photoshop Designs and Web Templates? Read our quick authoring tutorial to get started today! Otherwise, stay up to date for all Web Design Week promotions on Psdtuts +!