Why can't I buy from ASOS

Why can't I use my preferred payment method?

Every time Klarna is selected as a payment option, a micro-creditworthiness and identity check is carried out to ensure that you can use the desired payment method (e.g. Klarna invoice or installment purchase) for the amount. This decision is subject to several factors:

  • the purchase amount
  • the payment history of past orders with Klarna
  • open bills at Klarna
  • Information that we receive from external credit agencies.

There is no fixed credit limit. Our concept is based on trust and loyalty. This means that as a new customer you may initially only be able to place orders for lower amounts and each subsequent purchase with Klarna will have a positive effect on your payment history.


What can I do so that I can choose my preferred payment method again?

We recommend the following:

  • Place an order for a lower amount
  • Pay any open Klarna invoices before you try to order again
  • Only enter your own personal data (name, date of birth, etc.) in the same spelling as they are stored at Klarna together with your email address, as different data details are assessed by our system as a security risk
  • If the option is offered, link your bank account to Klarna. This gives us a better insight into your creditworthiness and can make an informed financing decision on this basis. This option only appears if we do not have sufficient information from other sources. You can revoke the authorized access to your bank account at any time.

Learn more about why you were asked to link your bank account here.
Here you can find out how we use your bank details.

Good to know:Since we carry out a new credit and identity check every time you try to order, you are welcome to try again to place an order. Don't worry, a refused order will not have a negative impact on external credit agencies or Klarna. You can of course also use one of the other payment options offered on the merchant's website, such as instant transfer or payment by credit card, if you want to make a purchase directly.

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