How was Batman created

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BATMAN was created by Bob Kane

Surname: Batman

Right name: Bruce Wayne

Other names / surnames: The Dark Knight

Sidekicks / helpers: Robin

First appearance: 1939 in the comic magazine Detective Comics (later DC Comics) issue no.27

Creator: Bob Kane (author) and Bill Finger (draftsman)

Super skills: Batman is one of the few superheroes with no real modified physical super abilities. His strength and superiority are based solely on hard training, intelligence and his famous technical aids.

Origin of the name: Batman seeks to instill fear in his opponent by just appearing. He chose the symbol of the bat because he feared bats even as a child - hence the name.

Curriculum vitae:
As a child, the young millionaire son Bruce Wayne had to watch his parents being shot in front of his eyes. In the comic, the murderer of his parents is still unknown to this day. In Tim Burton's 1989 film BATMAN, it's the young Jack Napier (who later became the Joker). While still at his parents' grave, he swore to rid Gotham City of crime.
Bruce Wayne begins an unprecedented education around the globe. Science, criminology and martial arts from the best universities and martial arts masters. Upon his return to Gotham City, he vows to cleanse this city, which is in danger of sinking into crime. In order to instill fear in his enemies and to keep his real identity a secret, he disguises himself as BATMAN. With all the ambition Bruce Wayne develops to fight crime, he does not break two rules:
1. He never wants to kill a person and
2. never use a firearm.

His helper from the very beginning is his loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, who raises him after the death of his parents and manages his assets. The second most important person in his fight against Gotham's underworld is Commissioner James Gordon. He is one of the few police officers who does not collaborate with criminals. Later on, he met his most famous helper in a dramatic way: DICK GRAYSON. A tragic accident occurs during a visit to the Haley Circus. When the artist troupe "The Flying Graysons" performed, the brother, mother and father of Dick Grayson fell to their deaths. Bruce takes in the talented artist. He later becomes his helper ROBIN.
His suit: Batman's costume is probably one of the most famous of all superheroes after Superman and Spiderman. What makes its appearance unmistakable is its flowing cape, the face mask and above all - the distinctive ears. That make it clear to every criminal who is standing in front of him even in the darkest night ... From its beginnings in 1939 until today, the suit has developed from a simple pantyhose model to bulletproof and fireproof high-tech armor. An important part of his suit has always been the belt (bat belt). All of his famous aids are attached here.

Its most important and well-known tools are:
# Batarangs (various boomerangs in the shape of a bat)
# Grappling Gun (shoots grappling hooks with rope that BM can climb up)
# Mini bombs (with different effects e.g. explosive, gas, acid or smoke)

Batman keeps other useful crime fighting tools in his bath cave. Like his Batmobile, for example.

Copyright notice: All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness (es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1939-2009 DC Comics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Batman was created by Bob Kane

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