Which is the right religion to follow

Roland Mugerauer: Is there a true religion? A systematic, theological and philosophical introduction including competition entries from high school students. Baden-Baden: Tectum 2018, 167 pages, € 30.–

Your advantages
• Proven combination of academic theory and pedagogical practice
• Interdisciplinary, international, ecumenical and transnational journal
• Visibility of the posts in the Scientific Community across national borders across different Abstracting & Indexing Services
• High quality standard through Double-blind peer review.

Goal setting / alignment
The Journal of Education and Theology is a specialist journal that is aimed at two target groups: on the one hand, to academics in all areas of religious and educational research (religious instruction, community education, adult education, etc.), and, on the other hand, to all actors in educational practice fields in which religion and the Relationship between theology and pedagogy play a role. It not only serves the religious pedagogical discourse in interdisciplinary, international, ecumenical and transnational constellations, but also the close connection of academic theory and pedagogical practice. This aim is also pursued by the additional digital offer that can be accessed on the publisher's homepage on individual topics.

The Journal of Education and Theology In this sense, it sees itself as a forum for historical, empirical, systematic and action-oriented contributions in the field of religious and educational research, including studies of comparative studies between countries, religions and denominations. It is therefore neither the organ of a particular pedagogical or theological school nor of a particular church organization.

Topics / focus
• Religious and educational research (religious instruction, community education, adult education, etc.)
• Introduction to current research contexts, recent developments and publications in pedagogy
• Initiation of debates on current topics and impulses for the practice of religious education in schools and communities