Why is depression so stigmatized in society

Is it your own fault? - Stigmatization of diseases

Hiding the disease was never actually an option. I wouldn't have said anything now, but my husband Sascha says: You can tell anyone that I'm depressed. I stand by it! This is a disease and if anyone finds it helpful to talk to me about it, they are welcome to contact me! You pass on my phone number - I stand by it!

My family and friends all know about my illness. I'm very open about that. Because I think friends are there to be told that.

The closest friends know and were also happy and told me "You finally told us!" And I said, "Yes ... but I couldn't before." I was scared! ... Before: "Hey, she's depressed, but she's always laughing ..." "She's always there, she's always joking, she's happy ..." But now I stand by it . That's the way it is and that's what I live with.

Professionally, it's a little different. I only tell selected people after a certain period of time. Because it can quickly become a disadvantage and it affects my financial existence.

It was all secret. Nobody was allowed to know. Then you would have said, “What? Is she sick? That doesn't work at all and that's bad and ... “So I covered everything up.

I always say those I trust, I tell them that and also the way it is. And whom I don't trust, I don't have to tell them either. He doesn't have to know that about me anyway.

When I told my friend from Kazakhstan that I was depressed - she didn't believe me!

You don't see it! You're happy, you're not always depressed.

I always wished: Let it be an arm cast! Where people sign and which is off after 6 weeks! And everyone says, "Man, I'll carry your bag up to you." Or: "I'll drive you because you can't drive a car like that!" Or what ever. But nobody sees. That's just the tricky thing.

And that bothers a lot of people. They then say: She can't have anything. "She's happy and she has everything, he's fine and she doesn't have to work ..." But that's not the case ...

Meanwhile I deal with it openly. Because I just don't want to hide it anymore! There is this disease and I am not alone in this world. And I think that a lot of people don't like to say that they are bad or that they have slipped into it too.

In fact, I once noticed with a friend that in some situations she reacts in a similar way to me in my depressive phases. We then exchanged ideas and it turned out that she also suffers from depression. Since then, I've been able to talk to her about it more openly than with hardly any other person. And that is also very good for each other.

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