Will Messi ever outperform Ronaldo statistically?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi changed the yardstick in football. For many years, the two giants have been pushing each other to new heights. As different as the two personalities are, they are united in their goals. Both claim to be the best footballer in the world. This duel of the giants inspires and divided the football fans at the same time.

The highest paid footballers in the world

The two top stars not only lead a bitter sporting competition for the crown in international football, but have also increased the fees for top footballers to unprecedented heights. It is not for nothing that the two superstars are at the top of the list of top earners among the sports superstars. The glamor factor of Cristiano Ronaldo made him the highest paid athlete in the world. The rather quiet and modest Lionel Messi had to be content with third place here. Only basketball superstar LeBron James managed to break through the double top football team in second place. An end to the rain of money is still not in sight for the two best players in the world. Both dominated their respective teams, although theoretically they have long since reached football retirement age. Both Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona will not want to give up their draft horses voluntarily, although a rumor has been circulating for some time that would turn the football world upside down. Another legend of international football plays the main role.

To Miami together?

He had prepared the ground on which Cristiano Ronaldo is now showcasing his talent in the media. The Englishman David Beckham was the first soccer star to push the boundaries of his sport significantly. He appeared not only regularly on the sports but also on the social pages of the media. This effect was multiplied when he married Victoria Adams, a Spice Girl, which attracted even more attention. The former hub of Manchester United and a member of Real Madrid's “Galactic” has long since retired from football. But his sport still does not let go of him. The neo-club owner started his own team in the USA.

Inter Miami started the National Soccer League with a lot of media attention. The ambitions of the new club are great, the co-owner David Beckham is to take care of the star replenishment. The Englishman obviously takes this very seriously. The first names that have already been rumored give goose bumps. Brazil's superstar Neymar announced in an interview that he wanted to move to Miami one day. According to various football managers, such a sensational transfer could only be surpassed by a single move. If the latest rumors are to be believed, this is actually intended.

David Beckham is apparently planning to bring the two biggest stars of international football to Miami. The joint appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in one team would undoubtedly be a sensation and would suddenly put Inter Miami in the spotlight. Whether this will ever happen remains questionable at the moment. But both Ronaldo and Messi are already of advanced football age and could end their careers in a big bang with this transfer.

The statistics of her long career are already hard to beat. Lionel Messi has scored an incredible 627 goals in his club career so far, Cristiano Ronaldo is just behind with 626 goals. If you take the goal machine from Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, as a comparison, then it shows how impressive these numbers are. The Polish star striker has scored 395 goals so far, putting them far behind the two light figures. These have a completely different approach and are still identically accurate. While Messi acts extremely rationally due to his game intelligence, Ronaldo guarantees fireworks on the pitch. He acts much more spectacularly and is considered unpredictable. However, his physique, the sheer endless self-confidence and his willpower guaranteed success even in seemingly unpromising positions on the field.

Messi, on the other hand, avoids crazy actions. Fans can also see this in football simulations, such as the Football Manager, where Messi's real game data is astonishing. However, everything he shows is almost perfect. This can also be seen in his game statistics. It took him around 120 fewer games than Ronaldo to score that number of goals. At the same time, the number of his assists is significantly higher. The duel between precision and spectacle is far from over. It is quite possible that the two best footballers in the world will put their skills to the service of the same team. The fans would certainly be thrilled, the long-standing duel of the giants in the Spanish league would be raised to a new level with a double transfer.