How much should I charge for proofreading?

How much for proofreading a thesis?

Madman with a Box  πŸ“… 20.08.2014 21:50:42
How much for proofreading a thesis?
Hello everyone,

how much would you charge for proofreading a thesis (approx. 60 pages)?

Today I met a foreign student who would like to have his thesis proofread. He has already written 1/4 of his 60 pages and would now like to receive input from time to time. I don't help with the job itself, because that's not my area of ​​expertise (I'm studying German (teaching) myself), but I'm supposed to correct spelling, grammar and mistakes in meaning.

So far I have only given "normal" tutoring and billed by the hour, but when it comes to proofreading you do it more depending on the page, right?

What's a fair price?

I appreciate any help.

Madman with a Box
uhu  πŸ“… 20.08.2014 23:23:07
Re: How much for proofreading a thesis?
It depends on how long you need for something like that. Is that more of a friendly service?
I let a friend read through my bachelor thesis and invited him to eat ice cream.
Are there many errors in the text? Foreign students often have good spelling skills, where a native speaker sometimes makes mistakes because he doesn't know the rules and speaks more out of habit. This is my experience when I have read scripts from foreign students.

There are professional sites and people pay per character on the standard site. With 60 pages you can quickly get to 100 euros.

Just ask how much he would pay. Let yourself be given a few pages and see how much work that is. If you are really busy, because sentence structure has to be changed, etc., you need more time. Or maybe the work is so good that all you have to do is read it and iron out a few small mistakes.
Re: How much for proofreading a thesis?
So I wouldn't charge any money for proofreading. In return, you can be invited to dinner or something ...
ustek  πŸ“… 21.08.2014 13:17:58
Re: How much for proofreading a thesis?
Our AStA pays 8 € an hour for proofreading e.g. brochures.
evelin  πŸ“… 21.08.2014 13:18:23
Re: How much for proofreading a thesis?
great Benedict ... that's a good offer ...

then you can correct my homework right away ...
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