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Interview with Lukas van Remmerden

At the beginning of the academic year I met Lukas van Remmerden, a master's student in Communication Science. Lukas also works for the university on the side and works in the marketing department of the company Vice. He told me a little about his life and his impressions.

Hello Lukas, thank you for taking the time. Perhaps you would like to introduce yourself briefly at the beginning, so who are you, where are you from and what are you currently doing at the UT?

My name is Lukas van Remmerden, I am 24 years old, I was born in Bad Bentheim in Lower Saxony and this year I started my master's degree at the UT in Communication Science with a focus on digital marketing.

But you also did your bachelor's degree at the UT, right?

Exactly, I started my Bachelor in Communication Science in 2016 and completed it in summer 2019. During that time I was abroad in Norway for six months and after my bachelor's degree for a six-month internship in Amsterdam.

How did it come about that you chose exactly this university in 2016 and did not study communication sciences in Germany?

I definitely wanted to study in English and I am simply not a fan of the German course and its structure. We were always very few people in Communication Science and therefore worked a lot in small groups. In addition, many of my lecturers are also directly from the subject, so my marketing lecturer was previously the head of marketing at Heineken and personally I always found this very helpful.

Does your degree have any special features?

You cannot compare the Communication Science course here with a Communication Science course in Germany. Because the University of Twente is a technical university, the focus is very much on the technical as well as the innovative aspect. We work a lot with virtual reality and not with communication on the normal print journalism level. But this also gives us completely new possibilities.

You came back especially for the master. I conclude that you like your studies and the subtitles very much, is that correct?

Yes absolutely! The bachelor's degree convinced me very much back then and it quickly became clear to me that I would also do my master's here.

Do you also do something on the side or are you actually just a student?

So I'm definitely not just a student. In addition to my studies, I also work for Vice Media and its sub-brands, where I am responsible for their online marketing and search engine optimization. Translated, it means their social media channels for growth. In addition, I have been working as a freelancer in my own company for half a year and help customers with their online marketing and SEO, as well as for an Italian customer who rents out apartments through an online booking platform. In addition, I also give lectures and tutorials at the university two days a week for the second year Bachelor Communication Science with a focus on nano technology and deep fakes.

Wow, I am very impressed. That sounds like a packed everyday life. Do you still have time for a sporting balance?

It's going to be tight, but I'm trying. I played soccer for years in my youth and try to continue that at the UT. For this I play once a year in the Staff Torunament, which is a big football tournament between different UT teams. I also try to go to the gym, here on campus. Unfortunately, this does not work as often as it should.

You can't always do everything. But how do you like the campus or Enschede in general as a city?

I really love the campus here. It was also one of the reasons for the Master to come back to Enschede. It is the only American-style campus in the Netherlands and like a small town of its own. But also in general, being close to my hometown, but still having international experience, was extremely important to me. Enschede itself is also a place where there is everything you need, but which is still not too big to make you feel lost. In addition, I have a very international environment through my work and studies, which has helped me a lot in my personal development.

What do you say to them in general about student life in Enschede? Is there a lot going on here?

Actually yes, definitely. Moments due to Corona, of course, everything is a little more difficult than expected. But I also think that Enschede has developed into a student city over the last few years. When I started here in 2016, there wasn't that much choice when it came to partying and going out in the evening. I then started an event organization with friends for HipHop Parties (DHT) and since then it has definitely gotten better.

Do you think that there are generally big differences between Germany and the Netherlands? Both in the field of studies and in culture?

I already said at the beginning that my studies in particular cannot be compared to a German one. Here at the UT we have a much more personal relationship with our lecturers and with each other. And it is precisely the amount of practical work that makes it clear once again that it is not just about learning dull theories by heart, but also about being able to apply them.

In terms of culture, I have noticed over the last few years that the Dutch are much more open, relaxed and friendly people than the Germans - not that they are not also friendly. But I feel very comfortable here and felt well integrated from the start.

From all of this I just conclude that you would definitely recommend the university to others?


I almost thought so. At the end, can you summarize in a short sentence what you associate with the UT?

The UT helped me to become the best version of myself and showed and promoted skills and qualities in myself that I had not seen before.

Thanks for the interview Lukas!