What is the sportiest zodiac sign

Horoscope: which sport suits you according to the zodiac sign?

Horoscope: which sport suits you according to the zodiac sign?

Leos are lazy and like to let the sun shine on their bellies, Cancers are drawn into the cool water as a watermark - there is a suitable sport for every zodiac sign. Here you can find out which sport suits you best according to the horoscope.


Those born in Aries are among the sportiest signs of the zodiac. But that's not all - it also likes to drive them out into the fresh air. No wonder there Jogging, but also team sports such as soccer are very popular. However, people born under the Aries sign also like to take a risk. Anything related to speed and thrill is definitely on the to-do list.


As a nature-loving zodiac sign, Taurus-borns also like to be in the fresh air. Sport has a comparatively lower status in life than with Aries - but sporting compensation at least twice a week is also part of the everyday life of Taurus. However, the whole thing should not be seen as a must with Taurus, but rather as a hobby: Dance sport or beach volleyball are at the top of the list.


To get some distance from the stressful everyday life, the twin also needs exercise. The only catch: Often the twin lacks motivation and perseverance. On the other hand, twins are mentally fitter. This is ideal here Combination of movement, skill and strategy. And where do you find that most? Right - im Ball or dance sport.


As already described at the beginning, those born with Cancer are driven into the cool water. Regardless of whether Swimming, surfing or rowing - Cancer feels most comfortable in or on the water. As an alternative, however, the cancer also expends itself one time or the other on the yoga mat.


At Löwen, compensation counts. Sometimes they like to be active - on other days they prefer to be lazy. In summer, however, the lion is more active than in winter. Then he is drawn to the sun to do sports. Especially in the Equestrian sport lions feel at home. But also with Golf Leo-born people flourish quite a bit - even if they mainly just enjoy the atmosphere of exclusive clubs.


Anything to do with sweating or stamina is nothing to Virgo. The interest here is rather the Meditation or yoga. Jogging is at most through Nordic walking replaced - that offers movement without having to exhaust yourself completely.


People born in Libra attach great importance to their appearance - for that reason alone, regular exercise is a must. In addition, the zodiac sign feels most comfortable in society, which is why everyone imaginable Team sports belong on the shortlist.


Thanks to Mars, Scorpio-borns are regularly supplied with a lot of energy. No wonder that scorpions are given an extra helping of stamina. Regardless of whether Jogging, cycling or swimming - no problem for the Scorpio. The zodiac sign likes to measure itself against other athletes and always wants to be among the best - triathlon, marathon or bicycle race? The scorpion is there!


Sagittarians love independence and adventure - of course, the sport has to match. That's why shooters like to be driven when it comes to their sporting activity. This is often varied. The only criterion: it has to be fun


Ibex are only physically active at times. Once there is a lot of time, they like to overdo it - but at other times they also like to be lazy. Capricorns are lone fighters and do not feel comfortable in team sports. The corridor into Gym is more than enough for those born in Capricorn.


Aquarians like to try something new. So they don't stick to the same sport once and for all. Aquarians like to be inspired by other, new sports, especially when traveling. Tai chi, surfing, baseball - everything has to be tried out once.


Similar to cancer, fish-born are also drawn into the water. But also other sports in the air like Walking or cycling irritate the fish. Here the sensitive and dreamy zodiac sign can let his thoughts run free and his soul dangle.