Why did Swami Vivekananda consume meat

Did Swami Vivekananda eat fish and meat before he became a sannyasi? Did he continue to eat fish and meat afterwards?

Before Swamiji turns into a sannyasin, there is a greater likelihood that he has at least consumed the fish as it is a staple food in Bengal.

After becoming a sannyasin; When Swamiji was in America, some Orthodox Hindus accused him of consuming prohibited diets. Here is an excerpt:

In response to the allegation by some Orthodox Hindus that the Swami was eating forbidden food at the table of the unbelievers, he replied: Are you saying that I was born to live and die as one of those caste-ridden, superstitious, merciless, sanctimonious, atheistic people ? Cowards you only find among the educated Hindus?

In response to other similar accusations by Christian missionaries of bringing shame to him, he wrote the following:

I'm surprised you take the missionaries' nonsense so seriously ... If the people of India want me to adhere strictly to my Hindu diet, please tell them to send me a cook and money enough to keep it ... Next On the other hand, if the missionaries tell you that I have ever broken the two great vows of sannyasin - chastity and poverty - tell them that they are great liars.

From this extract it appears that Swamiji followed the non-vegetarian diet in the West. But as Swamiji wrote, chastity and poverty are the ideals from which a sannyasin should never deviate (and he literally upheld these ideals). Eating habits are secondary.

Swami Vishwananda

As a Bengali, Swami ate fish and poultry, but like most Hindus, they did not eat beef. There is an ancient story that one day while eating in America, Swamiji was given some meat during a meal. After eating a bite of it, he asked what kind of meat it was. One person replied that it was beef. Swamiji then looked a little pale and then turned his head, vomiting into his napkin. Then he was caught and said to the man, please give me another piece, I have to get over this prejudice.