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Column young and stupid: Frauke Petry is a cyborg

Why do right-wing politicians never look the way their ideology demands? Is Petry's naivety an antifa action?

Is that a völkisch laugh? Frauke Petry 2016 Photo: dpa

Politics is a highly complex shell game with fantasies in times when almost every talk of the supposed crisis fuels the real one - who is better at this game than Frauke Petry? Example: If the troll queen tweeted something two weeks ago that sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy: “Arson attack on my car: where is this going to lead? #AfD #Left extremism “.

Well, the car is probably going nowhere. But what is the end of the fresh hashtag combination? Would Sherlock Petry give us a subtle hint about the left-wing extremist activities of your party?

It continues to be confusing: After her latest system update (is she not against the system - but it gazes at every primetime speech bubble that she sends out, no matter how small?) She should be able to withdraw a claim before she has pronounced it , and to represent 25 positions at the same time - each as human rights compliant as the pudding recipe of a Catholic children's home in 1954.

As long as Frauke is talking, nobody has to feel uncomfortable, he * she only has the right attitude, is he * she only knows enough: united in a folk community. Not a drop of sweat runs down her face, no objection makes her stutter (at least not on German television - the funding of which she wants to abolish, although it is her most effective advertising medium, for example because of such demands?). Nothing and no one can stop them (except wisdom, courage and humanity).

Bulletproof Saxon

However: Have you ever seen the bulletproof Saxon eat? Didn't the insidious fruit juice attack on you last year (in which, the police say, only one glass fell) maybe a completely different message, besides the usual right-wing sacrifice: namely, to make Petry, the political chemist with a doctorate, react to the public with organic matter?

The political opposite side, from which it is becoming more and more uncertain how it is against it (and whether it ever was) - it just keeps falling over, fear of new territory and the world of machines. Why does Petry's car break down in the year in which the federal government decides to subsidize the purchase of electric cars? Does Permafrost-Petry have other plans than driving a car with her new electric sled? FRAUKE, we want the TRUTH !!!

Strange only: If you look at Frauke Petry in her perfect poly-ur-ethical binding force - then one inevitably doubts how aware she is of the traditions in which she moves when they value terms such as "völkisch" would like to. (Of course it is.)

“Young and stupid” asks quite naively: Is Petry's non-blonde-and-blue-eyedness a false-face action by the Antifa? Of the protection of the constitution? Just rhetorical protection against the nasty lying press? Or is it really quite different genealogies that she follows, and isn't it just a mustache that she lacks to look like, yes, exactly, Bismarck?